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Robert Stokes

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Jamon serrano is Spain's jamon serrano makers seek protected status 3 November 2014

Spain's meat industry has called on Madrid to pursue an application to the EU to have jamón serrano given protected geographical indication (PGI) status.

Italy has complained vociferously about the UK schemeEU: Brussels to look into UK FOP labelling scheme 24 February 2014

EU member states have decided The European Commission should examine the UK's front-of-pack labelling system after complaints from Italy.

Food manufacturers, including Sharwood's owner Premier Foods, are using the labelsEU: Italy leads protest over UK front-of-pack labels 19 December 2013

EU member states led by Italy have urged the EU Council of Ministers' agriculture and fisheries committee to establish if the UK's hybrid nutritional labelling scheme breaches the EU Treaty.

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