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The shopping experience must be higher up FMCG companies' agendasShopper trends: Why you need to focus on in-store experience 22 August 2013

With growth in the FMCG sector hard to come by, IRI strategic consultant Rod Street argues more companies must spend more time trying to improve a consumer's shopping experience.

Companies have had to adapt to shopper just-food confidence survey: Frugality forces companies to adapt 2 April 2013

After six years of economic turbulence, the FMCG sector is getting used to operating in challenging trading conditions, believes SymphonyIRI consultant Rod Street. Reflecting on the just-food confidence survey, Street says companies are adjusting to shopper demand for value and are searching out new ways to drive growth.

Albert Heijn's Appie mobile app attracted 3m consumers in the NetherlandsStreet talk: Digital drives shoppers to find best deals 10 December 2012

The arrival of digital shopping in the FMCG marketplace has taken 15-20 years but is now firmly here and encroaching on the household routine of food shopping in a very significant way, writes SymphonyIRI consultant Rod Street.

Street talk: Brands face private-label fight for share of mind 22 November 2012

With retailers investing heavily in own label, the fight for sales is as fierce as ever. However, shifts in how shoppers buy groceries presents opportunities for brand owners to connect with consumers but, writes SymphonyIRI's Rod Street, they must act now.

Street talk: Food brands fight to withstand own-label onslaught 24 October 2012

Retailers are still driving most of the share gains but food manufacturers are holding their own, pressing on every aspect of the marketing mix to optimise their offer to the consumer and drive share, argues Rod Street.

Street talk: Inflation means consumer must remain front-of-mind 28 September 2012

Price volatility and inflation is here to stay for food manufacturers, and the tough times experienced for several years will be the new norm. Manufacturers need to move from reacting to this year on year to proactively positioning themselves against it, writes SymphonyIRI's Rod Street.

Even with the value squeeze and closing gap between national and retailer brands, quality and value are prevailingStreet talk: Quality, value prevail in tough times 6 September 2012

We are seeing an unprecedented situation playing out with sustained economic uncertainty and turbulence in developed markets, writes SymphonyIRI's Rod Street. Yet even with the value squeeze and closing gap between national and retailer brands, quality and value are prevailing.

Street talk: Frugal shoppers means promo game must change 31 July 2012

What role should promotions play when consumers are savvier and more value-conscious? SymphonyIRI's Rod Street believes offers can still be a sound short-term sales strategy - if implemented with the new consumer in mind.

Food makers are trying to hike prices and use promos to bolster volumesStreet talk: Pressure to grow affects prices and promotions 25 June 2012

The economic difficulties faced by consumers across Europe mean that FMCG retailers and manufacturers must master a tough balancing act well into the middle of the decade, trading off volumes and margins, writes SymphonyIRI's Rod Street.

Promotional intensity has levelled, suggesting EDLP could start to make tractionStreet talk: Retailers adapt to cost pressure, weak consumers 30 May 2012

Commodity inflation has led manufacturers to look to increase prices and, according to the latest data from the just-food international basket, the price on shelf has risen. As SymphonyIRI's Rod Street writes, retailers have reacted by using promotions less often and there are signs Every Day Low Price strategies are gaining traction.

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