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Suppliers What can buying pacts between retailers mean for food manufacturers? 15 October 2018

With Tesco and Carrefour seeking to become the latest major grocers in Europe to work together on purchasing, Simon Creasey looks at the impact these tie-ups can have on suppliers.

Tesco looking to open 10-15 Jack's stores in six monthsWhat might Tesco's new Jack's format mean for suppliers? 27 September 2018

Tesco is fighting back in the UK against Aldi and Lidl with the opening of its own discount chain, Jack's. Simon Creasey outlines what the move could mean for manufacturers.

Finding the right distributor is key, experts sayHow should small and mid-sized food companies build new international markets? 19 July 2018

Export markets can be enticing for small- and medium-sized businesses in the food industry but how best should companies with limited resources and already doing battle in competitive domestic markets go about expanding internationally? Simon Creasey speaks to those in the field to find out more.

Ambient or planned purchases are best examples in sectorShould food majors develop subscription services? 20 June 2018

There are a growing number of fledgling companies developing subscription-box businesses across the consumer goods sector - but, so far, major food manufacturers have shied away from moving into the market. Simon Creasey weighs up why and whether we may see interest from food companies rise.

Carrefour has listed range of snacks in SpainWhat are the prospects for insect-based food? 10 May 2018

Two major European retailers have started to stock edible, insect-based food, a sign a growing number of consumers are starting to accept the idea of eating the likes of crickets and mealworms. Simon Creasey looks at the scope of the market so far, consumer interest in the products and what the outlook for the sector could be.

PepsiCo wants to How is Big Food using accelerators and incubators? 6 February 2018

As the food majors of North America and Europe broadly struggle to rejuvenate sales in the face of changing consumer habits, company strategists are looking at a range of ways to kick-start their sales. Some have turned to accelerators and incubators to, one, support fledgling businesses and, two, try to tap into the new trends shaping the industry - and how to innovate to meet them. Simon Creasey reports.

Food companies seek boost from revenue growth management 6 December 2017

In mature markets like North America and western Europe, packaged food manufacturers have in recent years found top-line growth hard to come by. Some have turned to revenue growth management - moves to optimise their prices, promotions and product range - to try to revitalise sales. Simon Creasey analyses the benefits and challenges of implementing the practices.

Industry watchers believe more consolidation in UK grocery retail could followTesco/Booker, Co-op/Nisa - how might suppliers be affected? 22 November 2017

Two prospective takeovers in the UK grocery retail channel have shaken the sector, with food manufacturers weighing up the consequences. Simon Creasey analyses the possible impact on suppliers.

Nestle and Unilever among companies working on blockchain initiativesThe potential for blockchain in the food industry 24 October 2017

Blockchain and how to harness the technology is one of the hot topics in boardrooms. A number of the world's largest food manufacturers and grocers are looking closely at the concept and its applications. Simon Creasey analyses the potential uses, benefits and challenges of using blockchain in the sector.

What does Generation Z want from food? 25 September 2017

Move over Millennials. There's a new consumer cohort in town and food manufacturers should stay paying them more attention. Simon Creasey takes an in-depth look at what makes Generation Z tick, what shapes their buying habits and how food companies should respond.

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