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Simon Creasey

Simon CreaseyBiography

Simon Creasey started his journalism career at Fishing News. He had stints at Property Week and PrintWeek before joining The Grocer. In a freelance capacity he has written for a wide range of b2b titles, consumer publications and national newspapers.

Articles by Simon Creasey

Prime Roots meat-free bacon, made using Koji through fermentation. Credit: Prime RootsThe fermentation flurry in plant-based meat 2 March 2021

With plants and cells grabbing headlines as the market for alt-meat takes hold, could a new generation of products made using cutting-edge fermentation processes start to simmer?

Covid-19 gave Cadbury owner Mondelez opportunity to The questions you must ask when cutting SKUs 1 September 2020

Covid-19 has prompted manufacturers to step up reviews of SKU counts. What should manufacturers be considering as they try to tailor ranges to the volatile trading environment?

How Covid-19 might shape food companies' innovation 28 May 2020

Simon Creasey looks at how Covid-19 could change the way packaged-food majors approach new product development.

Damona has carved out presence in AustraliaCan plant-based cheese melt consumer doubts? 26 February 2020

Cheese remains an area where plant-based alternatives have not made the same inroads as alternatives to burgers or milk. We look at the prospects for the fledgling market.

Themptation founder: What's the outlook for CBD food in Europe? 24 January 2020

Recent comments from regulators in Europe have left some in the food industry worried about what's ahead for the region's nascent CBD food market. Simon Creasey explores further.

Choosing which channel into which launch brand is vital, analysts say You've bought a brand. How can you take it into new markets? 11 November 2019

Big Food is snapping up smaller brands to inject some growth into their businesses. But how can large companies best roll out their new assets internationally?

How overseas food SMEs can crack the US 23 September 2019

The opportunities for food SMEs presented by the US market are many - but so are the challenges. Speaking to companies and consultants, we set out how to make inroads Stateside.

Nestle says When should food companies outsource R&D? 27 August 2019

Simon Creasey analyses the growing trend for food companies to outsource their research and development - and weighs up why they might be looking outside their four walls.

Should Europe's food majors make more use of co-manufacturing? 26 June 2019

The benefits of co-manufacturing can range from cutting costs to quickening innovation - but larger food companies in Europe use the practice less than peers in North America. Why?

“Often the bigger food and drink companies are a bit more cumbersomeM&A as shortcut for Big Food's innovation 3 May 2019

Large players are buying niche brands, short-cutting R&D and buying immediate share. We discuss why and how M&A is part of Big Food's innovation.

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