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just-food columnist Victor Martino is a California-based strategic marketing and business development consultant, analyst, entrepreneur and writer, specialising in the food and grocery industry. He is available for consultation at: victormartino415@gmail.com and www.twitter.com/nsfoodsmemo.

Articles by Victor Martino

Why direct-to-consumer will become imperative for food companies 10 January 2019

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino set outs why food companies should be looking to build a direct-to-consumer business.

Trade wars - could have a big impact on the US food industry in 2019.From traceability to Trump - predicting the US food mega-trends of 2019 3 January 2019

2018 was a year of dynamism and change in the US food industry and 2019 looks like being no different, writes Victor Martino.

Wildscape Food Riding US frozen food's "fourth wave" 11 December 2018

In the US, frozen food is back – and it's riding on a new wave of innovation. Victor Martino documents what he calls the "fourth wave" of frozen food Stateside.

How CPG companies should adapt to "the new consumer experience" 26 October 2018

All that's historically been solid in CPG brand marketing is melting into air amid changes in consumer demand, argues just-food's US columnist Victor Martino, who outlines how companies need to react.

PepsiCo evokes small-batch and artisan with Maker Overnight OatsThe rise of 'stealth small brands' as Big Food fights back 20 September 2018

just-food's incisive US columnist Victor Martino is introducing a new term to the CPG lexicon - stealth small brands.

Plum Organics - owned by Campbell Soup Co.How big packaged food companies can create a challenger brand playbook of their own 28 August 2018

Acquiring challenger brands is one thing but how do big food businesses make a success of them when they are integrated into a very different corporate culture?

Why food and tech need to better connect 20 July 2018

The closure of US meal-kit business Chef'd is symptomatic of the challenges in that fledgling sector but, Victor Martino argues, it is also emblematic of an underlying issue in the wider industry - the disconnect between those in the food industry and those working on the technology that is rapidly impacting the market. Here, just-food's US columnist outlines why food and tech need to work more closely together - and how.

Amazon-Whole Foods one year on - what's changed? 13 June 2018

A year since Amazon shook the grocery sector with its acquisition of upmarket US retailer Whole Foods Market, just-food's Stateside columnist Victor Martino weighs up what the deal has meant for the two businesses - and for the wider industry.

Hippeas among upstart brands to have thrived in USBrands still matter in US - but rules of game have changed 15 May 2018

As the US FMCG sector witnesses the biggest change in consumer habits in a generation, some argue brands are becoming less important. However, just-food's US columnist, Victor Martino, begs to differ and sets out how brands can still prosper.

Organic food - what will feed its future growth in the US?Has organic become mainstream in the US? 16 April 2018

Continued progress in the US organic market seems inevitable, Victor Martino writes, but there could be some bumps in the road ahead. In his latest column for just-food, Martino looks at how we got here and at where the category is likely to go next.

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