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Victor Martino

Victor MartinoBiography

just-food columnist Victor Martino is a California-based strategic marketing and business development consultant, analyst, entrepreneur and writer, specialising in the food and grocery industry. He is available for consultation at: victormartino415@gmail.com and https://twitter.com/VictorMartino01.

Articles by Victor Martino

Shopping habits have changed during Covid-19, with consumers visiting stores less oftenWhat CPGs must do as US Covid-19 struggle continues 16 July 2020

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in some US states and the country as a whole facing recession, what does that mean for CPG companies? just-food's Victor Martino gives advice.

Uncertainty among US consumers will likely continueThe five ways CPG companies can navigate US economic uncertainty 19 June 2020

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino sets out how CPG companies can steer their way through choppy economic waters.

Don't write off emerging brands amid Big Food's Covid-19 bounce 14 May 2020

Many of Big Food's legacy brands are having their day in the sun in the US, boosted by pantry-loading. But Victor Martino believes challenger brands can still – and will – compete.

Why change is inevitable in the wake of Covid-19 14 April 2020

Our US columnist Victor Martino sets out what he sees as the stages of change that will impact the country's food industry – with analysis that will resonate beyond US borders.

US dairy - facing  a difficult environmentUS dairy - a need for a major re-think 19 March 2020

Our columnist Victor Martino looks at the problems facing the ailing US dairy industry and at its prospects for turning things around.

Ben & Jerry's - has Pleasure, fun and happiness in food marketing 20 February 2020

Our columnist Victor Martino stresses the importance of creating an experience of fun, pleasure and happiness in and around a food brand.

US food companies need to do more on obesity 10 January 2020

US columnist Victor Martino kicks off 2020 digging into new forecasts on the rate of obesity in the country. And he has a message for industry.

How much of a setback is the FDA's intervention to the growth of the cannabis-enhanced food products industry?The US CBD products business needs a sheriff 17 December 2019

Our columnist Victor Martino weighs up the uncertainty surrounding CBD products in the US and looks at their prospects for the future after a warning from the regulator, the FDA.

Plant-based meat alternatives will continue to surge in 2020The US food industry in 2020 - the megatrends to watch 19 November 2019

Our columnist Victor Martino predicts the six megatrends which will have a marked impact on the US food industry in 2020.

Why food in 2035 won't be hugely different to now 6 November 2019

Fresh from an event in San Francisco discussing the future of food, our US columnist gets out his crystal ball - and argues the market in 15 years will look quite similar to now.

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