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Victor MartinoBiography

just-food columnist Victor Martino is a California-based strategic marketing and business development consultant, analyst, entrepreneur and writer, specialising in the food and grocery industry. He is available for consultation at: victormartino415@gmail.com and https://twitter.com/VictorMartino01.

Articles by Victor Martino

Why food in 2035 won't be hugely different to now 6 November 2019

Fresh from an event in San Francisco discussing the future of food, our US columnist gets out his crystal ball - and argues the market in 15 years will look quite similar to now.

Cereal - innovation and focused marketing could boost salesCereal isn’t dead - it just needs better strategy and some ‘snap, crackle and pop’ 17 October 2019

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino takes a close look at the US cereal category and suggests ways in which product providers might up their game.

Perfect Day's animal-free ice cream was launched as limited edition earlier this yearHow "cultivated" meat and dairy might succeed 17 September 2019

The development of "cultivated" meat, dairy and seafood is gathering steam in the US - as is Big Food's interest in the emerging market. But how might the food go mainstream?

Boomers account for 26% of US populationWhy food companies shouldn't overlook baby boomers 13 August 2019

Younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z are often the focus of product development and marketing strategies in the US but, Victor Martino writes, don't forget the baby boomers.

How the concept of wellness is changing in the US 11 July 2019

What health and wellness means to consumers in the US is evolving and, Victor Martino writes, food companies need to adapt. 

Hormel's Vital Cuisine example of brand offering 'food as medicine'The brave new world of food as medicine 14 June 2019

The concept of food as medicine is far from new - but US columnist Victor Martino argues it's back in a big way and major CPGs are taking notice.

ReGrained has listings at US retailers including Sprouts, Gelson's and Central MarketThe edible upcycling opportunity 3 June 2019

Waste is a hot issue taxing minds in food-industry boardrooms. US columnist Victor Martino digs into the growing interest in upcycling - turning food waste into products.

Why sustainability matters for every CPG company 15 May 2019

After a study from NYU Stern and IRI, just-food's US columnist Victor Martino looks at the building business case for sustainability.

General Mills' Epic received regenerative-agriculture certification in 2018
Keeping it real amid rise of regenerative agriculture 23 April 2019

Amid the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, just-food's US columnist outlines which companies are leading the charge - and has advice for those mulling investment.

Oreo Thins - an example of legacy brand innovationHow to grow legacy brands 17 April 2019

Big Food still rules the roost in most product categories but legacy brand growth has stalled. Our US correspondent Victor Martino looks at how they can get their mojo back.

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