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PepsiCo has been active on NPD in ChinaChina breakfast cereal deep-dive part two – how to tap future growth 16 August 2018

Demand for breakfast cereal in China is expected to continue to grow amid the urbanisation of the population and continued interest in Western eating habits. But what must manufacturers do to tap that demand? Wang Fangqing reports in this second part of just-food’s in-depth look at the category.

Analysts believe breakfast cereal, while small part of China's breakfast market, will continue to growChina breakfast cereal deep-dive part one - how the market has slowly opened up 15 August 2018

Western-style breakfast cereal has not made the advances seen in other parts of China's food industry but, as Wang Fangqing reports, that is gradually changing.

A new agency - SAMS - will overlook quality inspection of all products, including foodChina rejigs food watchdogs 19 March 2018

China has made structural changes within the country's food agencies and ministries, designed to rationalise policy-making and regulatory controls.

Calbee targets granola brand Frugra at China 10 May 2017

Japanese snack company Calbee is to start producing its Frugra granola for the Chinese market, CEO Akira Matsumoto told journalists in Tokyo today (10 May).

China issues latest plan to improve food safetyChina issues latest plan to improve food safety 22 February 2017

China’s state council, the country’s cabinet, has issued a five-year plan to improve food safety and risk management across the country.

China sets out plans to reform agriculture sectorChina sets out plan to reform agri-food sector 8 February 2017

China has issued a five-year reform programme for the country's food and agriculture industry, with its goals including improving food safety, making supply chains more efficient and increasing the amount of land used for food production.

Beingmate announces new ventureBeingmate sets up Chinese dairy venture 5 September 2016

Chinese infant formula maker Beingmate Baby & Child Food is to establish a new dairy joint venture with two Chinese private investors.

China is looking to help domestic manufacturers and consolidate marketBeijing announces new rules for infant formula makers 10 June 2016

China has published new regulations on the production, registration and marketing of infant formula in the country.

China guidance targets added sugarBeijing advises lower added sugar consumption 7 June 2016

China’s 2016 version of the national dietary guidelines, published by China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, for the first time includes suggestions on daily added sugar intake, which should be "no more than 50 grams". This excludes natural sugars occurring in products such as fruit and vegetables.

Kam Tai attributes success to health and quality focusBRICs and beyond: Kam Tai's quality, health focus brings success in China 31 July 2015

Last year, more than 400 local companies in Dongguan, a major manufacturing city in China's southerly Guangdong province, went bankrupt as China's economy slowed. In stark contrast, one local bakery company - Dongguan Kam Tai Foods - earned CNY1.1bn (US$177.1m) in revenue and it is expecting to see sales grow 20% in 2015. Wang Fangqing investigates Kam Tai's recipe for success.

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