Brexit and the food industry

Brexit and the food industry

How will the UK's departure from the EU affect the food industry? This page brings together the latest news and views on the impact Brexit could have on the sector.

Food to the fore as UK government outlines post-Brexit trade tariff regime 19 May 2020

The UK government has announced its planned post-Brexit trade tariff regime, set to come into effect from 1 January next year.

If and when it has time, the UK must ponder its post-Brexit biotech options 24 Mar 2020

Ben Cooper ponders where the UK might go on GM regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period and what that may mean for UK-based food manufacturers.

UK immigration law changes - should food industry be considered special case? 26 Feb 2020

Andy Coyne looks at planned changes to the UK's immigration rules, which will bar non-skilled overseas workers, and gauges reaction from the country's food industry.

UK would be "insane" to compromise food standards for trade - farmers' union 26 Feb 2020

It would be "morally bankrupt" for the UK to strike post-Brexit trade deals that allow food imports from countries operating to lower standards, the country's farmers' union says.

FDF voices concern over new UK immigration rules for low-skilled workers 19 Feb 2020

The UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has responded after the country's government announced plans for a new points-based immigration system, which bars non-skilled workers.

Brexit talks - UK retail body BRC warns of higher costs, reduced availability 17 Feb 2020

The body representing UK retailers has issued a warning to the country's government over the forthcoming post-Brexit trade talks with the EU.

Scottish salmon industry body warns of "huge, unnecessary burdens" of Brexit 11 Feb 2020

A body representing Scottish salmon producers has spoken out on the likely impact an unfavourable Brexit deal would have on the industry.

UK confirms barriers to be introduced on EU goods, including food 11 Feb 2020

The UK government has revealed trade barrier plans for goods coming into the country from the European Union.

US predicts "real contention" over UK food talks 31 Jan 2020

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes trade talks with a post-Brexit UK will be contentious and suggested a source of wrangling will be agriculture.

UK immigration recommendations need to go further, argue food industry bodies 28 Jan 2020

UK food industry bodies have responded to the recommendations of an influential committee on the country's future immigration policy.

Food organisations urge focus on growth in UK's future trade talks 27 Jan 2020

Bodies representing the UK food sector have made a number of recommendations to the country's government regarding future trade talks.

Should the UK take new approach to novel foods post-Brexit? 22 Jan 2020

Ben Cooper reports from an industry event in London to weigh up whether the UK should change its stance on novel foods once the country leaves the EU.

UK government attracts food industry ire over EU regulations stance 20 Jan 2020

UK food industry organisations have responded to Chancellor Sajid Javid's comments about future trading relations with the European Union.

New UK agricultural bill aims to protect farmers, food security and environment post-Brexit 16 Jan 2020

A new landmark agricultural bill for the UK was brought before the country's Parliament today (16 January).

"Get Brexit done"? UK's only just getting started 13 Dec 2019

In so many ways, for all the decisiveness of the UK General Election, a fog of uncertainty still hangs over business, writes Dean Best.

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