Brexit and the food industry

Brexit and the food industry

How will the UK's departure from the EU affect the food industry? This page brings together the latest news and views on the impact Brexit could have on the sector.

Should the UK take new approach to novel foods post-Brexit? 22 Jan 2020

Ben Cooper reports from an industry event in London to weigh up whether the UK should change its stance on novel foods once the country leaves the EU.

UK government attracts food industry ire over EU regulations stance 20 Jan 2020

UK food industry organisations have responded to Chancellor Sajid Javid's comments about future trading relations with the European Union.

New UK agricultural bill aims to protect farmers, food security and environment post-Brexit 16 Jan 2020

A new landmark agricultural bill for the UK was brought before the country's Parliament today (16 January).

"Get Brexit done"? UK's only just getting started 13 Dec 2019

In so many ways, for all the decisiveness of the UK General Election, a fog of uncertainty still hangs over business, writes Dean Best.

UK food "congratulates" Johnson but concerned about EU trade deal prospects 13 Dec 2019

The trade body representing food manufacturers in the UK has "congratulated" Boris Johnson for his election victory but has concerns about a prospective trade deal with the EU.

Post-Brexit trading for Northern Ireland "still uncertain" 12 Dec 2019

A specialist in the supply chain and logistics area has expressed concern about a lack of clarity surrounding post-Brexit trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

UK food industry warns Brexit deal "backward step" ahead of crucial vote 18 Oct 2019

UK industry body The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has urged MPs to think carefully before casting their votes on the Brexit deal tomorrow.

EU agri-food chain welcomes new Brexit agreement 17 Oct 2019

EU farming and food-manufacturing representatives have given their support to the new Brexit agreement struck between the bloc's representatives and the UK.

UK food industry body hopes PM Johnson's Brexit agreement "definitively" rules out no-deal exit 17 Oct 2019

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tweeted that a Brexit deal has been reached between UK and European Union negotiators.

UK food industry body says new Brexit proposals "don't work" 3 Oct 2019

An industry body representing the UK food and drinks sector has shot down the Government's new proposals for the terms of the country's departure from the EU.

UK sets out Brexit proposals 2 Oct 2019

The UK government today (2 October) officially delivered its new Brexit proposals to the EU - with Northern Ireland central to how London sees the new relationship.

Northern Ireland food industry could get four-year Brexit extension under new proposals 2 Oct 2019

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to put forward new proposals for a Brexit deal today (2 October) that could impact Northern Ireland-based food companies.

No-deal Brexit will "inevitably" create fresh food shortages - Sainsbury's boss 13 Sep 2019

The CEO of UK 'big four' supermarket Sainsbury's has given his opinion on what a UK departure from the European Union without a trade deal in place will mean for food supplies. 

UK government's worst-case scenario for no-deal Brexit reveals fresh food supply fears 12 Sep 2019

The UK government has released a document outlining the worst-case scenario in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which includes assumptions relating to food supply.

UN warns no-deal Brexit could cost GBP16bn in lost EU exports 4 Sep 2019

A Brexit report from the United Nations warns of a huge loss to UK exports destined for the EU in the event of a no-deal departure from the bloc.

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