Brexit and the food industry

Brexit and the food industry

How will the UK's departure from the EU affect the food industry? This page brings together the latest news and views on the impact Brexit could have on the sector.

No-deal Brexit will "inevitably" create fresh food shortages - Sainsbury's boss 13 Sep 2019

The CEO of UK 'big four' supermarket Sainsbury's has given his opinion on what a UK departure from the European Union without a trade deal in place will mean for food supplies. 

UK government's worst-case scenario for no-deal Brexit reveals fresh food supply fears 12 Sep 2019

The UK government has released a document outlining the worst-case scenario in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which includes assumptions relating to food supply.

UN warns no-deal Brexit could cost GBP16bn in lost EU exports 4 Sep 2019

A Brexit report from the United Nations warns of a huge loss to UK exports destined for the EU in the event of a no-deal departure from the bloc.

Fulfil CEO Brian O'Sullivan on Hershey's investment, Brexit and the Irish snack-bar firm's ambitions - interview 2 Sep 2019

Ireland-based healthy snack bar brand Fulfil has just secured investment from US confectioner Hershey. Simon Harvey talks with chief executive Brian O'Sullivan.

Put tariffs on agricultural imports in no-deal Brexit, UK farmers urge 30 Aug 2019

The UK's leading farming lobby group is urging the Government to review its tariff plans in a scenario where the country leaves the EU without a deal.

France issues no-deal Brexit guidelines on phytosanitary controls for UK exporters 16 Aug 2019

France has issued guidelines for UK exporters of animal and plant-based products related to border controls and certification.

US farm chief stands by food standards amid UK concerns 15 Aug 2019

The UK must accept US food standards in any trade deal, the head of the American Farm Bureau has insisted, arguing fears over quality are not based on science.

UK government warned of dairy cow cull in Northern Ireland if no-deal Brexit 8 Aug 2019

The BBC has reported concerns that some 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs are applied to UK milk.

UK food outlines Brexit stockpiling cost impact 7 Aug 2019

A members' business confidence survey carried out by UK industry body The Food and Drink Federation has revealed the impact on costs of stockpiling goods.

UK food industry urges government to relax competition rules in no-deal Brexit scenario  7 Aug 2019

An industry body for the UK food and drinks sector is calling on the government to dispense with certain aspects of existing competition laws in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

EU buyers shunning long-term contracts over no-deal Brexit fears, UK meat body warns 5 Aug 2019

UK meat suppliers are said to be facing issues linked to the sale of their produce to European Union-based buyers.

Mondelez eyes longer-term UK prospects as Brexit deadline nears 31 Jul 2019

Mondelez International CEO Dirk Van de Put has talked up the longer-term prospects of its "powerhouse" UK business despite acknowledging the short-term issues Brexit could cause.

Ireland releases funds for beef farmers amid Brexit "volatility" 30 Jul 2019

Ireland has announced a new round of funding to support the country's beef farmers amid what Dublin called the "market volatility and uncertainty arising out of Brexit".

New UK Prime Minister, same old Brexit uncertainty 29 Jul 2019

The new UK Prime Minister and government appear ready to accept a no-deal Brexit - but would the wider UK parliament?

EU less ready than UK for no-deal Brexit impact on food, claims CBI 29 Jul 2019

The EU is less prepared for the potential impact a no-deal Brexit could have on the agri-food sector than the UK, a report from Britain's biggest business body has claimed.

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