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We put the latest CSR moves under the microscope.

How could Covid-19 change how we think about food? 11 May 2020

Ben Cooper looks at the possible lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer attitudes to food and on the global food system.

Could UK's post-Covid-19 obesity policy be more than nudge in right direction? 29 Apr 2020

Could 'nudge theory' - seen as having had a significant impact on the way the UK has sought to tackle Covid-19 - also shape policy choices on obesity once the dust settles?

If and when it has time, the UK must ponder its post-Brexit biotech options 24 Mar 2020

Ben Cooper ponders where the UK might go on GM regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period and what that may mean for UK-based food manufacturers.

Why Tesco's right to be cautious about compostable packaging 10 Mar 2020

Tesco has issued details on the packaging it wants suppliers to use in the UK from May. Compostables remains a tricky issue but David Burrows welcomes the retailer's decisions.

Should the UK take new approach to novel foods post-Brexit? 22 Jan 2020

Ben Cooper reports from an industry event in London to weigh up whether the UK should change its stance on novel foods once the country leaves the EU.

Industry faces daunting task on child labour in cocoa despite new momentum 19 Dec 2019

Ben Cooper welcomes the progress Nestlé is making on tackling the use of child labour in the cocoa supply chain but stresses the company - and industry - still has work ahead.

Climate change set to define sustainability agenda in 2020 26 Nov 2019

Ben Cooper looks at how climate concerns will not only top the sustainability agenda in 2020 but pervade many other areas of concern.

How meat and dairy are countering criticism on climate 18 Nov 2019

In the past 12 months the meat and dairy industries have been under fierce scrutiny for their roles in climate change. David Burrows reports on how they are trying to counter.

World Resources Institute serves up five-course menu for a sustainable food system 17 Jul 2019

How can the global food system feed almost 10bn people by 2050, while contributing its required share of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions over the next three decades?

How can food companies ensure plant-based protein growth is sustainable? 10 Jul 2019

The growth in the plant-based protein market is good news for the planet. However, rising demand may create new sustainability issues in supply chains.

Why UK emissions goal could up pressure on food companies 21 Jun 2019

Ben Cooper analyses the UK's new goal on greenhouse-gas emissions and the likely impact on food manufacturers.

The edible upcycling opportunity 3 Jun 2019

Waste is a hot issue taxing minds in food-industry boardrooms. US columnist Victor Martino digs into the growing interest in upcycling - turning food waste into products.

Will biodiversity become the new organic? 18 Feb 2019

There are signs more actors in the food system are focusing more on biodiversity to try to make their businesses more sustainable. just-food's US columnist Victor Martino explores.

How are investors broadening their sustainability horizons? 22 Jan 2019

There are signs, Ben Cooper writes, the investment community is paying more attention to food companies' moves on sustainability - but that creates its own challenges.

What will top food sustainability agenda in 2019? 3 Jan 2019

As part of just-food's 2019 outlook series, Ben Cooper identifies the sustainability hotspots and trends for the food sector in the next year.

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