With just a month left of 2009, our thoughts are turning to what shape the food industry landscape will take as we enter a new decade. This week, HJ Heinz, meat giant Tyson Foods and Russian dairy business Wimm-Bill-Dann all issued their prognosis for the economy and consumer confidence. Woolworths Ltd, Australia's largest retailer, claimed the country was in better shape than other economies around the world, while in an exclusive interview with just-food, Greencore boss Patrick Coveney detailed how the private-label group had navigated the downturn.

Here are this week's most choice quotes from some of the leading lights of our sector.

"It is a brute of an industry and you have to reinvent yourself every single day" - Patrick Coveney (pictured), Greencore chief executive, on the battle to stay ahead in a challenging convenience sector.

"Consumers are focused on value, which they are increasingly defining as price" - Heinz president and CEO Bill Johnston insists shoppers are still being watchful with their wallets.

"Fiscal 2010 should be a much better year. We think beef, pork and prepared foods will continue with a solid performance and we expect the steps we've taken to improve chicken will manifest themselves" - Jim Lochner, Tyson Foods' new COO, feels upbeat about the prospects for the business.

"It's difficult to establish how much that will be, it depends on many factors but my expectation is that 2010 will see higher [raw milk] prices than 2009, while 2009 saw lower prices than 2008" - Wimm-Bill-Dann CEO Tony Maher issues a warning on milk costs.

"One year on and it is very clear that Australia's economy has survived and is considerably healthier than many of our peers" - Michael Luscombe, CEO of Australia's largest retailer Woolworths Ltd, is bullish about the local economy.

"In the name of freedom, we have produced economic concentration and in a number of areas monopoly dominance or indeed something very much like it" - Philip Blond, adviser to the UK's Conservative Party, attacks the country's 'Big Four' multiples.

"There was widespread support for labelling of all GM food products, including where GM is used as a processing aid or in animal feed" - a report from the UK's Food Standards Agency assesses public opinion on GM.

"We see our participation in the GreenPalm programme as a stepping stone to sourcing 100% CSPO blended product as this becomes available on the UK market. It is important that we send a strong message to palm oil producers and processors that there is an existing, and increasing, demand in the UK for 100% segregated and traceable blended CSPO" - Premier Foods plc defends its move to GreenPalm palm oil.

"Maintaining the ability to manufacture is not the same as saying we will come in and reverse Cadbury's decision and the situation itself" - Jennie Formby, Unite's national officer for the food industry, in the wake of the union's first meeting with Cadbury predator Kraft Foods.

"Consumer behaviour is still being affected by the recession and premium range sales have been impacted in the short term" - John Duffy, chief executive of Finsbury Food Group, after the UK cake maker admitted revenues had dropped.