Tate & Lyle chief executive Javed Ahmed

Tate & Lyle chief executive Javed Ahmed

"There is a real need for making some clear choices and a real need for focus" - Tate & Lyle chief executive Javed Ahmed sets out his stall for strategic change at the UK food ingredients firm.

"I don't tend to look back. I'm a glass-half-full, look-forward kind of guy. I feel the business is in a better position than when I inherited it" - Marks and Spencer chairman Sir Stuart Rose insists the UK retailer has improved under his tenure.

"The UK consumer has not been so close to this model of a limited-range discounter. I think this format is very well suited for [our European] markets" - Netto MD Claus Juel-Jensen sees a bright future on the Continent after the retailer chose to leave the UK.

"This is a small transaction by Wal-Mart standards and we would not have embarked on this transaction without being confident that we'll make a return on our investment" - an Asda spokesperson dismisses claims the UK retailer is set to overpay for discount chain Netto.

"There is the obvious opportunity to make instant margin gain through taking a sword to the usually fatty overhead structures put in place by the corporates" - Robin Knight, partner at corporate consultants Zolfo Cooper, outlines why private-equity firms are attracted to multinationals' non-core food assets.

"Ocado will still need to demonstrate to potential investors that they can drive growth through the business, which I think will be a tough, but not impossible, sell" - Verdict Research consulting director Neil Saunders warns questions remain over Ocado's IPO - even after its latest deal with Waitrose.

"The area of sustainability generates many emotions because it is about people, about the environment and in the end, about our future. This is one of the reasons why there are many expectations attached to this area" - Dole Food Co. worldwide corporate social responsibility director Sylvain Cuperlier talks to just food about the US produce giant's work on tackling its impact on environment.

"We're going to be very agile and stay on top of pricing in the soup category" - Campbell Soup Co. president and CEO Doug Conant tells investors the company is watching the competitive landscape in US soup closely.

"Without this information, Kraft’s belief, no matter how well-intentioned, that it could continue to operate the Somerdale facility on a commercial basis was ... not a belief which Kraft had a reasonable basis for holding" - The UK's Takeover Panel, its City watchdog, criticises Kraft Foods over the closure of Cadbury's Somerdale facility in south-west England.