Our take on Grazes sale to Unilever caught the eye in 2019

Our take on Graze's sale to Unilever caught the eye in 2019

Which of the opinion pieces from just-food's team of industry experts gave you food for thought in 2019? Here are the top ten most-read.

Why Unilever gobbled up Graze
With the acquisition of Graze, Unilever steps up its interest in direct-to-consumer and could have an eye on mainstream channels in other countries, wrote Dean Best.

The age of disruption in an industry turned upside down
just-food's US columnist Victor Martino surveyed the rapid transformation in the sector Stateside and argues disruption is now the new normal.

Keeping it real amid rise of regenerative agriculture
Amid the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, in April Victor Martino outlined the companies are leading the charge - and had advice for those mulling investment.

The US food industry in 2020 - the megatrends to watch
In November, Victor Martino predicted the six megatrends he believed would have a marked impact on the US food industry in 2020.

Why Kraft Heinz's travails aren't a surprise
The business strategy pursued by Kraft Heinz's owners drove margins and shook up competitors but there were always question marks over the company's top-line prospects, Dean Best wrote in February in the wake of a shock stock-exchange filing from the US major.

How the concept of wellness is changing in the US
In July, Victor Martino wrote how food companies needed to adapt amid changes to what health and wellness means to consumers in the US.

Plant-based companies should face questions on health, environment
Consumer demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy is rising rapidly – but so should scrutiny over companies' claims on health and sustainability, wrote Dean Best in October.

Why food in 2035 won't be hugely different to now
In the autumn, fresh from an event in San Francisco discussing the future of food, Victor Martino got out his crystal ball - and argues the market in 15 years will look quite similar to now.

Six trends to shape China's food market in 2020
November saw just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli analyse the emerging consumer trends driving demand in the Chinese food industry and set out the product categories to watch in 2020.

Why food M&A has dried up
In December, amid data suggesting pressure on deal-making in the packaged food industry in 2019, M&A advisor Stefan Kirk put forward some possible reasons.