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UK food chain "faces re-engineering" without Brexit deal changes

15 Jan 2021

The head of the UK's food-manufacturing trade body has spoken to lawmakers about the early impact of the trade agreement with the EU.

UK grocers sound Northern Ireland post-Brexit food supply warning

13 Jan 2021

UK supermarkets have issued a warning linked to post-Brexit food supply disruption in Northern Ireland

Quote, unquote – food industry reacts to Brexit trade deal

4 Jan 2021

On Christmas Eve, the UK and the EU sealed a deal on trade between the two markets in the wake of Brexit. Here's a flavour of the industry reaction so far.

Sainsbury's warns of gaps on shelves if UK-France trade link not restored

21 Dec 2020

UK 'big four' grocer Sainsbury's has issued a warning linked to the closure of the border for freight leaving the UK for France.

UK food manufacturers demand inquiry into port disruption

18 Dec 2020

UK food manufacturers and retailers have called on the country's government to launch an inquiry into the "significant disruption" at ports in the run-up to Christmas.

UK retailers issue warning on prices of no-deal Brexit

28 Sep 2020

A UK trade body has warned consumers face the prospect of higher prices if no free trade deal is agreed with the European Union by the end of the year.

No-deal Brexit will push up prices for consumers, retailers warn

10 Jul 2020

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has voiced its concerns over a no-deal Brexit come the end of the transition period.

If and when it has time, the UK must ponder its post-Brexit biotech options

24 Mar 2020

Ben Cooper ponders where the UK might go on GM regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period and what that may mean for UK-based food manufacturers.

Brexit talks - UK retail body BRC warns of higher costs, reduced availability

17 Feb 2020

The body representing UK retailers has issued a warning to the country's government over the forthcoming post-Brexit trade talks with the EU.

UK, Irish retailers predict price spikes from no-deal Brexit

21 Feb 2019

Retailers in the UK and Ireland have teamed up to warn about the impact they believe a no-deal Brexit will have on the prices of some food.

BRC warns UK faces "lose-lose scenario" in event of no Brexit deal

5 Jul 2018

The British Retail Consortium has warned of the consequences on the UK food supply chain in the event of no deal being reached with the EU on Brexit, the so-called cliff-edge scenario.

'No deal' Brexit could result in UK food price hike, warns retail body

18 Sep 2017

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is warning UK consumers could pay nearly a third more for everyday food items in the event of the country not striking a Brexit trade deal with the EU.

UK faces Brexit food prices hike without EU tariffs deal, British Retail Consortium warns

21 Apr 2017

The UK faces a 22% price hike in food prices if it fails to negotiate continued tariff-free trade with the European Union post-Brexit, according to the country's retailers.

UK's FSA responds amid warning on antibiotics overuse in food chain

6 Sep 2016

The UK's Food Standards Agency is preparing to release the results of its tests on meat and other produce for antimicrobial resistance after campaigners published new research indicating the overuse of antibiotics in farming is contributing to drug resistance.

Warnings Brexit could weaken UK child obesity strategy

8 Jul 2016

The UK’s long-awaited child obesity strategy looks set to be published during the next couple of weeks, but when it does it is likely to be a cause of further acrimony between the food industry and health campaigners.

UK government, food sector under fire on childhood obesity strategy 

20 Jun 2016

The UK government has been accused of bowing to "strong lobbying" from the food sector to "erode" the Department of Health's strategy to tackle childhood obesity.

UK grocery promotions "could mislead" shoppers

16 Jul 2015

UK supermarket promotions "could confuse or mislead" consumers, the country's competition regulator said today (16 July).

Which? urges action on "misleading" prices

21 Apr 2015

UK consumer watchdog Which? has called on the country's competition regulator to investigate the "misleading" ways supermarkets price products.

Briefing: Why food companies are critical in UK salt success

2 Dec 2014

In just-food's latest management briefing, Ben Cooper explores reformulation in the context of the febrile debate over diet and health, suggesting it is both the industry's most compelling response to diet-related health problems and the most practical contribution to tackling them.

Front-of-pack labels work, UK retailers insist

19 Nov 2014

The introduction of front-of-pack nutrition labels in the UK has encouraged consumers to choose healthier food, the country's grocers insisted today (19 November).

Consuming issues: No candy-coated arguments at sugar summit

14 Jul 2014

Last week, medical professionals, industry representatives, policy advisors and others gathered in London to discuss the health impacts of sugar consumption and what government and food companies can do to mitigate them. Ben Cooper was there.

Comment: Sugar reduction pledge, not tax, could interest regulators

25 Jun 2014

A tax on sugar has again hit the headlines in recent days, with a call from campaign group Action on Sugar and, significantly, after a key expert on obesity said new policies should be looked at. However, Ben Cooper says evidence sin taxes work is sketchy, although he argues Action on Sugar's separate call for an industry pledge to lower sugar could interest regulators.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

12 May 2014

This week the debate on whether the method of slaughter should be slapped on meat hit headlines in the UK. Elsewhere, Danish Crown's UK meat arm Tulip, Associated British Foods' Allied Bakeries and Murray Goulburn both announced investments into processing facilities. And Mondelez International said it would be zeroing in on its snacking business, with a move to merge its coffee arm with sector specialist DE Master Blenders 1753.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

2 Dec 2013

The battle for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory continued this week, with the latest twist coming from Australian dairy co-op Murray Goulburn, which increased its offer for the company.

UK: Household waste target missed, admits WRAP

28 Nov 2013

A target to reduce household food and drink waste in the UK, drawn up as part of industry attempts to tackle the issue, has been missed, it emerged today (28 November).

Consuming issues: Give Tesco some credit on waste

24 Oct 2013

While there has been plenty of condemnation for Tesco on its announcement on waste, it deserves praise first for its candour, writes Ben Cooper.

UPDATE: UK: Retailers say checkout snacks "not biggest" obesity issue

17 Sep 2013

UK retailers have said the presence of snacks at supermarket checkouts is "not the biggest issue" in obesity after a campaign was launched urging a ban of junk food at store queuing areas.

UK: Q1 food sales up 1.8% at M&S

9 Jul 2013

UK retailer Marks and Spencer has booked a 1.8% increase in like-for-like food sales for the first quarter of its financial year.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

1 Jul 2013

The British Retail Consortium's annual symposium brought together the great and the good of the UK retail scene. On the other side of the globe, retail was also a focus as debate over the relationship between Australian suppliers and the country's powerful supermarkets continued. Food safety was back in the spotlight in China - a market that US spice maker McCormick is "bullish" on. Here is just-food's week in words.

Talking shop: The "hybrid" consumer, supply chains and tech dominate BRC event

27 Jun 2013

Catering to a bifurcated market, the prospect of shorter supply chains and the onward march of technology were key topics for food retailers at the British Retail Consortium's annual symposium, writes Chris Mercer.







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