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Dean Best | 29 May 2018

Chris Lischewski, the chief executive of US-based seafood supplier Bumble Bee Foods, has stepped down temporarily to fight allegations of price-fixing.

Simon Harvey | 17 May 2018

Bumble Bee Foods' president and chief executive, Christopher Lischewski, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in California for "participating in a conspiracy" to fix prices for packaged seafood sold in the US.

Dean Best | 11 Sep 2017

Thai Union Group, the Thailand-based seafood supplier, has confirmed it is the whistleblower in the US investigation into claims of price-fixing in the country's tuna sector.

John Shepherd | 9 May 2017

US seafood group Bumble Bee Foods has agreed to plead guilty for its role in a conspiracy to fix the prices of shelf-stable tuna fish, such as canned and pouch tuna, in the US – and pay a US$25m criminal fine, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced.

John Shepherd | 22 Dec 2016

A second executive at US seafood group Bumble Bee Foods, Kenneth Worsham, has agreed to plead guilty for his role in a conspiracy to fix the prices of packaged seafood sold in the country, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) said yesterday (21 December).

John Shepherd | 9 Dec 2016

The senior vice-president of sales at US seafood group Bumble Bee Foods, Walter Scott Cameron, has agreed to plead guilty for his role in a conspiracy to fix the prices of packaged seafood sold in the country.

Katy Askew | 15 Apr 2016

Bumble Bee Foods has reached a supply agreement with Pacifical, the marketing arm established by the eight countries who have signed up to the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) in the Western Central Pacific Ocean, to source Marine Stewardship Council-certified tuna. 

Katy Askew | 4 Dec 2015

Thai Union Group's planned acquisition of US seafood canner Bumble Bee Foods has been terminated with the company believing it will be unlikely to get regulatory clearance for the deal.

Hannah Abdulla | 9 Jan 2015

US-based seafood group Bumble Bee Foods is to look again at plans to build a processing facility on the Pacific island of Samoa.

Dean Best | 19 Dec 2014

Thai Union Frozen Products has struck a deal to buy US canned seafood supplier Bumble Bee Foods from private-equity firm Lion Capital for US$1.51bn.

Hannah Abdulla | 14 Oct 2014

Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Corp. has declined to comment on speculation it has joined the race for the takeover for US canned tuna giant Bumble Bee Foods.

Hannah Abdulla | 21 Aug 2014

US food group Post Holdings and tuna giant Thai Union Frozen have reportedly both indicated their interest in buying US canned seafood group Bumble Bee Foods.

Dean Best | 1 Jul 2014

Private-equity group Lion Capital is reportedly setting out plans to run an auction for US-based canned seafood processor Bumble Bee Foods.

Hannah Abdulla | 5 Mar 2014

US seafood company Bumble Bee Foods has teamed up partnership with French tuna catcher and processor Sapmer for distribution of frozen "sashimi-quality" tuna across North America.

just-food.com | 16 Dec 2010

US seafood firm Bumble Bee Foods has been sold for US$980m, it has been revealed, after its owner said yesterday (15 December) that the deal, first announced last month, had been completed.

just-food.com | 5 Nov 2010

Funds advised by the private equity group Lion Capital are to acquire the operating companies of Bumble Bee Foods, a portfolio company of Centre Partners Management LLC.

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