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Simon Harvey | 18 May 2018

Cloetta has appointed Frans Ryden as chief financial officer of the Sweden-based confectioner to replace Danko Maras.

Andy Coyne | 26 Jan 2018

Cloetta, the Swedish confectionery firm, has announced it is to close the Polish operation of its Candyking business.

Katy Askew | 21 Apr 2017

European confectioner Cloetta reported a drop in sales for the first quarter as a decrease in revenue in Sweden and from its contract manufacturing business weighed on its results. 

John Shepherd | 17 Feb 2017

Swedish snack maker Cloetta said today (17 February) it had signed an agreement to buy local confectionery supplier Candyking Holding.

John Shepherd | 30 Nov 2016

The recently-appointed CEO of Swedish confectionery supplier Candyking, Dani Evanoff, is to take over ownership of the company.

John Shepherd | 31 Aug 2016

Swedish confectioner Candyking has reported further losses for the first half of the year in the wake of falling sales following lost contracts in the group's domestic market.

John Shepherd | 31 Aug 2016

Swedish confectionery supplier Candyking Holding has acquired local cookies and pastries producer Lilla Fiket for an undisclosed sum.

Helen Arnold | 30 Jun 2016

Swedish confectionery supplier Candyking Holding has appointed a new CEO in an attempt to regain lost ground in the Nordic countries.

Dean Best | 27 May 2016

Candyking, the Sweden-based confectioner, this morning (27 May) reported growing first-quarter losses after sales tumbled due to the loss of contracts in its domestic market.

Hannah Abdulla | 26 Feb 2016

Swedish confectioner Candyking has posted higher losses for the year after losing contracts in Sweden and Norway.

Dean Best | 28 Aug 2015

Candyking, the Sweden-based confectioner, has posted another half-year loss after the end of contracts in its domestic market and in Finland hit sales.

Hannah Abdulla | 27 Feb 2015

Sweden-based confectioner Candyking has said it will work on improving the profitability of its domestic business after a a year in which sales tumbled, hitting group turnover and underlying profits.

Hannah Abdulla | 28 Nov 2014

Challenges in the Swedish market have affected Candyking's profits in the first nine months of the year.

Katy Askew | 29 Aug 2014

Candyking has booked a drop in operating profit - despite sales growth - as currency exchange pushed up the cost of goods sold at the Swedish confectioner.

Dean Best | 4 Jul 2014

Cloetta is set to run the pick-and-mix stands at Sweden's second-largest grocer, Coop.

Hannah Abdulla | 28 Feb 2014

Confectionery company Candyking has withdrawn from some central European markets citing they are "unprofitable".

Hannah Abdulla | 27 Jan 2014

Nordic confectioner Candyking will remain private following a decision at the end of last year to abandon its planned IPO.

Dean Best | 17 Dec 2013

Nordic confectioner Candyking has withdrawn plans for an IPO, citing fires at two of its suppliers.

Katy Askew | 2 Dec 2013

Swedish confectioner Candyking has said it plans increase investment to accelerate growth in new and existing markets.

Katy Askew | 2 Dec 2013

Nordic confectioner Candyking, along with its principal shareholders Accent and EQT, have decided to list the pick-and-mix manufacturer in Stockholm.

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