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M&A Watch - Could Cloetta be takeover target?

With a new CEO at Cloetta, the European confectioner has already faced questions about its possible acquisition targets. However, Stefan Kir...

China's confectionery sector enjoyed a strong 2010, with sales up 8%, driven by the chocolate category. Euromonitor International points to rising economic growth as a key factor for the sector's growth - and says increasing consumer awareness of health is driving demand for dark chocolate and functional gum.

Ivan Castano | 29 Nov 2004

Spanish lollipop maker Chupa Chups has embarked on a new expansion plan, aimed at increasing its presence in key international markets such as Japan and Russia. The company is also working on new functional confectionery products, such as tooth-whitening lollipops, as Ivan Castano reports from Madrid.

Innovative children’s products were central to ISM this year, with sugar-free and organic trends likely to be the next big thing. The event offered visitors the opportunity to sample the latest innovations and chocolate and sugar confectionery and biscuits, although some key companies chose not to exhibit this year…

Clare Harman | 31 May 2001

One could be forgiven for thinking it's all sweetness and light in the UK sugar confectionery market. British consumers are spurring a considerable growth in sales and displaying an increasing appetite for the goodies on offer. But where do the major players go from here? Some are persuading adults that sweeties can be fun for grown-ups too, while others are tapping the potential of functional foods, as Clare Harman discovers.

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Andy Coyne | 31 May 2018

Italian confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle has signed a licensing deal with Finnish games company and Angry Birds brand owner Rovio Entertainment.

Dean Best | 10 Aug 2016

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle launches one of its flagship brands, Chupa Chups, in India.

Hannah Abdulla | 8 Apr 2015

Perfetti Van Melle has launched a range of chewy sweets under its Chupa Chups brand in the UK.

Katy Askew | 14 Mar 2014

Perfetti Van Melle has appointed Beanstalk as its exclusive licensing agency in Greater China, in a move that will extend the Chupa Chups brand out beyond the confectionery sector in the market. | 3 Jun 2010

Dutch-Italian confectioner Perfetti van Melle has decided to close a Chupa Chups factory in Spain.

Dean Best | 20 Oct 2009

Perfetti van Melle, the Dutch-Italian confectioner, is reformulating its candy brand Mentos to make the product "all natural", just-food can reveal. | 10 May 2007

The European Commission has returned a mixed verdict to Chupa Chups following an investigation into financial aid granted to the Spanish lollipop producer in 2003.

Ivan Castano | 10 Jul 2006

Chupa Chups expects sales to rise strongly this year, in part from new owner Perfetti Van Melle's efforts to expand the brand in key new markets, just-food was told on Monday (10 July). | 3 Jul 2006

Despite earlier dismissing rumours of the possible sale of Chupa Chups, the Bernat family has agreed to sell the company to Dutch-Italian multinational Perfetti Van Melle for an undisclosed sum, the two groups revealed in a joint release. It has been estimated that the value of the transaction was around EUR400m (US$511.78m). | 17 May 2006

Spanish lollipop maker Chupa Chups told just-food today (17 May) that it is seeking a strategic alliance with a big company to further its presence in the US and Latin America, denying rumours that the company was involved in a potential sales process. | 3 Mar 2006

Chupa Chups, the worlds second-biggest confectionary brand, has said that in the coming months it will relaunch Mentos onto the UK market and introduce what the company bills as the first sugar-free chewy mint. | 27 Jan 2006

The world’s largest producer of lollipops Chupa Chups is facing an investigation to determine whether a EUR35m (US$43m) loan granted by Catalonia in 2003 violated European laws on state aid, the European Commission said on Thursday (25 January).

Ivan Castano | 24 Jan 2006

Spanish lollipop maker Chupa Chups expects domestic sales to soar this year after the government approved a smoking ban on 1 January.

Ivan Castano | 12 Oct 2005

Chupa Chups is to focus its international expansion in the fast-growing Russian confectionery market and will freeze plans to muscle into China, a company official has confirmed to just-food.

Ivan Castano | 4 Aug 2005

Spain's quintessential lollipop maker Chupa Chups will invest €25m (US31m) to build a new candy factory in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona, to replace its older facility there, a company spokeswoman confirmed to just-food.

Ivan Castano | 6 Jun 2005

Spain's quintessential lollipop maker Chupa Chups has launched an marketing communications campaign to promote its lollipops as an anti-smoking aids. | 2 Aug 2004

European confectionery firms Chupa Chups, Perfetti van Melle and UK-based Lofthouse of Fleetwood are planning a joint venture to distribute certain confectionery brands in Germany from the beginning of next year.

Stuart Todd | 10 Jun 2004

French consumer protection association UFC-Que Choisir, which is in the forefront of a national campaign to fight obesity, plans to take French bakery group Harry's (part of the Barilla group) to court over claims that its Doo Wap brand of brioche helps child growth. | 26 Jan 2004

French dairy giant Groupe Danone, has announced that it is acquiring Chok and Rolls, the Russian soft cake business of Spanish confectionery firm Chupa Chups. | 8 Oct 2003

Here are some of the new food product introductions registered by Mintel's Global New Products Database this past month around the world. | 23 May 2003

Spanish confectioner Chupa Chups is reportedly planning to close down its plant in Bayonne, south-western France, within the next two months. | 12 May 2003

Here are some of the new food product introductions registered by Mintel's Global New Products Database this past month around the world. New formats for Kellogg's Frosties Breakfast cereal companies are not only diversifying into "on-the-go" snacking formats. They also continue to launch new shapes and formats within breakfast cereals to maintain interest and perhaps encourage home consumption. The latest new format is an extension of the Kellogg's Frosties brand (sugar frosted corn flakes). The brand has already appeared in a number of new flavours (e.g. chocolate, cinnamon, honey and toffee) and some new shapes (e.g. chocolate clusters in Germany). It has now changed format again with the French and Belgian introduction of pillow-shaped cereals (made with oats, rice and wheat) filled with chocolate and topped with a "tiger stripe" design (Tony the Tiger is the brand’s cartoon character emblem). | 15 Apr 2003

Spain-based confectioner Chupa Chups has laid off 80 temporary workers at its factory in Asturias, in the northwest of the country, and 20 temporary workers at its factory in Barcelona. | 31 Jan 2003

Spanish lollipop manufacturer Chupa Chups has announced that it is to relocate its headquarters to Cornella’s World Trade Centre Almeda Park from its current offices in Barcelona. | 17 Oct 2002

Spanish confectionery company Chupa Chups is reported to be planning to lay off 100 of its employees at its Asturias factory in northwestern Spain. The company’s Asturias factory, which has 150 employees, is one of two Chupa Chups factories in Spain. Chupa Chups has so far laid off 33 of its 1,639 employees worldwide in 2002.

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