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BRICs and beyond: Egypt crisis sparks food supply jitters in Europe

4 Feb 2011

The Egyptian political crisis could hardly have happened at a worse time for the European food industry, struggling to contain the recent significant increases in commodity prices.

Focus: Australian food makers dig in against traffic lights

23 Dec 2010

Australia is currently witnessing a similar debate to that seen in the UK and Europe over the use of traffic light colours or guideline daily amounts in front-of-pack nutritional labelling. The Australian food industry is hoping for a similar outcome. Ben Cooper reports.

BELGIUM: Flawed nanotechology could erode trust - EFSA

19 Nov 2010

Consumer confidence in Europe's food industry could be damaged if the use of nanotechnology is not properly regulated or managed, the CIAA Congress in Brussels was told today (19 November).

Focus: Industry reacts to EU CAP reform

19 Nov 2010

Europe's food manufacturing industry has given a lukewarm welcome to the European Commission's new priorities to reform the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013 – but its representatives want more concrete action.

BELGIUM: EU, NGO argues more work needed on carbon emissions

19 Nov 2010

Food manufacturers and retailers have today (19 November) been urged to think more laterally to reduce their CO2 emissions in their use of technology use and management of production.

BELGIUM: NPD vital to meet emerging-market needs - Cargill

19 Nov 2010

A senior executive at food giant Cargill has said international food manufacturers should innovate more effectively to seize new markets, especially in the developing world.

BELGIUM: Consumer watchdog hits out at "complex" food labels

19 Nov 2010

The head of Europe's leading consumer watchdog has said mandatory EU labelling information has become so complex and detailed even she cannot understand it.

The just-food management briefing - how to green your supply chain - part II

25 Oct 2010

The development of company policy on sustainability not only needs to include suppliers but also the wider NGO sphere - from government and unions and from farming groups to aid charities. Here the briefing discusses examples of established bodies that incorporate broader stakeholder involvement.

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