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Egypt crisis sparks food supply jitters in Europe

The Egyptian political crisis could hardly have happened at a worse time for the European food industry, struggling to contain the recent si...

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Brenda Dionisi | 12 May 2017

Italy’s ministry of agriculture, food and forestry has notified the European Commission of plans that would make origin labelling mandatory for all foods containing durum wheat, including dry pasta.

Brenda Dionisi | 3 Jun 2016

The Italian government has signed a legislative decree making origin labels mandatory for milk and dairy products sold in Italy.

Brenda Dionisi | 22 Oct 2014

The cost to Italy's food and agricultural sector of Russia's restrictions on EU imports could be EUR200m, Italian producers have warned. | 15 Dec 2008

The Italian government has announced that it will buy 100,000 Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses and 100,000 Grana Padano cheeses in an attempt to help producers who are struggling with rising costs and falling demand. | 21 Apr 2008

Italy is still suffering at the hands of Chinese import restrictions despite Beijing’s decision to lift the ban on the sale of Italian mozzarella, the country’s food industry has claimed. | 26 Mar 2008

The Italian government has moved to quell fears that buffalo mozzarella is not safe to eat. | 7 Mar 2008

Some 23 people were arrested in raids across Italy yesterday (6 March), and 85 farms and 23 oil processing plants seized, in an operation that exposed the scale of trade in fraudulent olive oil, local reports said. | 15 Nov 2007

There should be no more increases in the price of bread or pasta in Italy after wheat prices fell 10% in October, according to a farmers’ union.

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