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Dean Best | 29 May 2009

After a turbulent 18 months in France's poultry industry, the future is looking brighter for some in the sector. LDC, France's largest poultry processor is one of the most upbeat. This week, the company revealed plans to buy smaller rival Groupe Arrivé and forecast a successful 12 months for the business. In this month's just-food interview, LDC chief executive Denis Lambert outlines his grounds for optimism.

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Katy Askew | 3 Mar 2017

Embattled French poultry processor Groupe Duc reported lower sales in 2016 as a number of markets closed their borders to French poultry products due to bird flu concerns. 

John Shepherd | 21 Dec 2016

Netherlands-based poultry processor Plukon Food Group has said its plans to grow the business in France will be "strengthened" by its acquisition of French peer Groupe Duc.

Dean Best | 21 Dec 2016

Netherlands-based poultry processor Plukon Food Group is to acquire French peer Groupe Duc.

Dean Best | 21 Dec 2016

Groupe Duc, the French poultry processor set to be taken over by Dutch peer Plukon Food Group, saw its losses widen in the first half of its financial year.

Dean Best | 25 Nov 2016

Plukon Food Group, the Netherlands-based poultry processor, is reportedly in talks to buy its French peer, Groupe Duc.

Dean Best | 22 Nov 2016

French poultry processor Groupe Duc today (22 November) asked for trading in its shares to be suspended as the company is in talks over a possible "significant transaction".

Dean Best | 3 Oct 2016

Duc, the France-based poultry processor, has announced the departure of CEO Joel Marchand.

Dean Best | 15 Aug 2016

Groupe Duc, the French poultry processor, has reported a 7% fall in first-half sales after continuing to domestic and international factors hit the business.

Hannah Abdulla | 17 May 2016

Groupe Duc has reported a fall in sales for the first quarter of the year, with the French poultry processor reporting it felt the impact of the bird flu outbreak in the south-west of the country.

Dean Best | 1 Mar 2016

Duc, the French poultry group, has decide to place its turkey unit into a stand-alone subsidiary.

Hannah Abdulla | 22 Feb 2016

French poultry processor Duc has recorded a 2.5% fall in annual sales to EUR180.6m (US$200.2m).

Dean Best | 16 Nov 2015

Duc, the France-based poultry group, saw its third-quarter sales fall at a faster rate than in the first half of its financial year, with the company pointing to a challenging domestic market.

Dean Best | 19 Oct 2015

Duc, the France-based poultry processor, has reported an improvement in its profitability during the first half of its financial year despite a dip in sales.

Hannah Abdulla | 14 Aug 2015

This week's results included an upbeat US snack group Snyder's-Lance reporting higher second-quarter sales and profits, improved half-year revenue and earnings at seafood giant Thai Union and declines at an acquisitive SunOpta.

Katy Askew | 15 May 2015

This week's result round-up includes a positive start to the year for UK own-label group Bakkavor, better sales but pressure on profits for Canada's Weston Foods and a slide in revenue at French poultry group Duc.

Stuart Todd | 7 May 2015

France's competition regulator has issued fines worth over EUR15m to 20 poultry firms for breaking competition rules - but admitted the penalties were more moderate than usual.

Dean Best | 13 Apr 2015

French poultry processor Duc fell into the red again in 2014, although losses narrowed despite a fall in sales.

Dean Best | 19 Aug 2014

Duc saw its first-half sales fall more than 10%, with the decline in revenue accelerating during the second quarter - although the French poultry processor said the result was in line with its forecasts.

Stuart Todd | 26 Nov 2013

France's competition regulator has told a clutch of the country's poultry firms they could face charges over alleged collusion.

Dean Best | 25 Oct 2013

French food company Glon has put forward plans to close a loss-making poultry abbatoir acquired last year from local peer Doux.

Michelle Russell | 16 Oct 2013

French poultry group Duc has added to its product line with the launch of a "premium" range of dishes.

Katy Askew | 7 Oct 2013

French poultry group Duc has booked first-half losses as higher costs offset improving sales volumes.

Dean Best | 16 May 2013

French poultry group Duc has reported a "significant" impact on margins in the first quarter of the year after only being able to "partially" offset higher commodity costs through price increases.

Dean Best | 23 Apr 2013

French poultry processor Duc saw its losses grow last year despite higher sales as volatile commodity costs and the weak economy weighed on the sector.

Dean Best | 16 Nov 2012

Groupe Duc, the French poultry processor, has warned a delay in securing price increases from retailers is likely to affect its annual results.

Stuart Todd | 10 Sep 2012

A French court has approved partial offers for five of the eight sites operated by Doux Frais, the fresh produce division of French poultry group, which was placed in administration earlier this year.

Stuart Todd | 25 Jul 2012

French poultry giant Groupe Doux, which is in administration, has attracted "around a dozen" takeover bids, just-food understands.

Stuart Todd | 6 Jul 2012

Ten takeover bids have so far been submitted for Groupe Doux, the embattled French poultry giant told just-food today.

Michelle Russell | 12 Jun 2012

French poultry processor Duc has said consolidation is likely to take place in the country's poultry sector after rival Groupe Doux's move into receivership.

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