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Trading through Covid-19 and beyond, daily food industry updates – Tuesday 27 October (free to read)

27 Oct 2020

Daily updates on how Covid-19 is affecting the world's packaged food sector – and how executives see the market and consumer behaviour taking shape in the months ahead.

UK food industry body issues warning after PM Johnson's no-deal Brexit admission

16 Oct 2020

The UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has reacted after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country should prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

UK criticised over progress on sugar reduction

8 Oct 2020

A new report from the UK government has revealed whether progress has been made by the food and drink industry to reduce sugar levels in products eaten by children.

Trade body issues warning as UK food exports decline

2 Oct 2020

UK industry body the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has issued a warning about trading prospects after it crunched the latest food export numbers.

Industry warning after UK issues "worst-case" EU trade assumptions

23 Sep 2020

The UK food industry has issued a warning over the shipments in certain foods should the country's government worst-case assumptions for post-Brexit disruption come to pass.

Covid-19 food industry updates – Friday 18 September (free to read)

18 Sep 2020

just-food is providing daily updates on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the world's packaged food sector.

UK food industry body applauds trade deal with Japan

11 Sep 2020

Industry body The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has reacted to a new trade deal between the UK and Japan announced this morning (11 September).

UK food industry concerned by Brexit labelling rules delay

4 Sep 2020

UK food businesses are seeking clarification from the Government on food labelling requirements for export products post-Brexit.

UK unveils plan to tackle "obesity time bomb"

27 Jul 2020

Restrictions on advertising and promotions are among measures the UK has announced today (27 July) to fight obesity, moves the food industry have labelled "a punishing blow".

UK industry criticises mooted Government obesity measures

24 Jul 2020

The industry association representing food manufacturers operating in the UK has hit out at the measures the country's government is said to be lining up to try to reduce obesity.

UK unveils plans to "turbo charge" food industry post-Covid-19

22 Jun 2020

The UK government has revealed plans that it hopes will ensure the country's food and drink industry and agriculture sector bounce back successfully from the impact of Covid-19.

Food trade bodies call for support measures for UK foodservice suppliers

17 Jun 2020

Trade groups representing UK food and drinks manufacturers have joined hands to call for measures to protect foodservice suppliers.

Food industry must "share blame" for severity of Covid-19 - researchers

10 Jun 2020

New research published in the UK has showed there may be a link between obesity and the severity of Covid-19 infections and deaths.

Food to the fore as UK government outlines post-Brexit trade tariff regime

19 May 2020

The UK government has announced its planned post-Brexit trade tariff regime, set to come into effect from 1 January next year.

UK union GMB urges government to convene food factory safety summit

16 Apr 2020

UK trade union GMB, which represents food production workers, has called for action to be taken to ensure the safety of factory staff in the sector.

"We’ll look back on these few weeks as a real triumph for the food supply chain" - Tim Rycroft, COO of UK trade body The Food and Drink Federation

2 Apr 2020

Tim Rycroft, COO at UK trade body The Food and Drink Federation, on how the industry is responding to Covid-19 and if the crisis is changing how people value the sector.

Campaigners call for tougher approach after no change in UK salt intake in decade

26 Mar 2020

The UK government has revealed in a newly published report whether it has met its own salt reduction target.

If and when it has time, the UK must ponder its post-Brexit biotech options

24 Mar 2020

Ben Cooper ponders where the UK might go on GM regulation after the end of the Brexit transition period and what that may mean for UK-based food manufacturers.

UK's food and drink body reacts negatively as government presses ahead with plastics tax

12 Mar 2020

The body representing the UK's food and drinks manufacturers has reacted negatively to a government decision to go ahead with a plastics tax on producers.

UK food industry "remains troubled" - FDF survey

19 Feb 2020

A survey from the UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has revealed areas of concern among manufacturers but also highlighted opportunities.

UK immigration recommendations need to go further, argue food industry bodies

28 Jan 2020

UK food industry bodies have responded to the recommendations of an influential committee on the country's future immigration policy.

Food organisations urge focus on growth in UK's future trade talks

27 Jan 2020

Bodies representing the UK food sector have made a number of recommendations to the country's government regarding future trade talks.

UK government attracts food industry ire over EU regulations stance

20 Jan 2020

UK food industry organisations have responded to Chancellor Sajid Javid's comments about future trading relations with the European Union.

New UK agricultural bill aims to protect farmers, food security and environment post-Brexit

16 Jan 2020

A new landmark agricultural bill for the UK was brought before the country's Parliament today (16 January).

"Get Brexit done"? UK's only just getting started

13 Dec 2019

In so many ways, for all the decisiveness of the UK General Election, a fog of uncertainty still hangs over business, writes Dean Best.

Cracking China - tapping into UK food companies' experiences in the world's largest import market

13 Dec 2019

China remains a massive draw for food exporters. Andy Coyne sets the scene and rounds up the experiences of UK food businesses targeting the market.

UK food industry warns Brexit deal "backward step" ahead of crucial vote

18 Oct 2019

UK industry body The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has urged MPs to think carefully before casting their votes on the Brexit deal tomorrow.

UK food industry body hopes PM Johnson's Brexit agreement "definitively" rules out no-deal exit

17 Oct 2019

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tweeted that a Brexit deal has been reached between UK and European Union negotiators.

UK food industry body says new Brexit proposals "don't work"

3 Oct 2019

An industry body representing the UK food and drinks sector has shot down the Government's new proposals for the terms of the country's departure from the EU.

UK government's worst-case scenario for no-deal Brexit reveals fresh food supply fears

12 Sep 2019

The UK government has released a document outlining the worst-case scenario in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which includes assumptions relating to food supply.





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