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Can industry eliminate trans fats by 2023?

The WHO wants industrially-produced trans fats removed from food by 2023. Major manufacturers have set the pace but the challenge ...

Why UK industry will be content with calorie push

Faced with some alarming data on obesity, the UK this week announced its latest strategy to battle the bulge. A target for industry to reduc...

Dean Best | 8 Sep 2017

There have been plenty of occasions since the early hours of 24 June 2016 when those in the UK who voted for the country to stay in the EU would have held their heads in the hands.

Ben Cooper | 31 May 2017

It's the economy, stupid. So goes the mantra for what drives voting choice and therefore electoral campaigning. But, to some, food policy should have been far higher up in the agenda in recent elections in a number of countries. That argument is being heard loud and clear in the UK as the country nears polling day on 8 June, not least with Brexit the key reason why Prime Minister Theresa May called the election. Ben Cooper analyses the food policy positions of the main competing parties and hears from industry and campaigners on why the issue should have far more prominence as the election nears.

Ben Cooper | 22 Sep 2016

Initiatives to involve employees in sustainability aims are commonplace in progressive food companies and for good reason. We explain how manufacturers are reaping the benefits.

Ben Cooper | 18 Aug 2016

The UK government’s action plan on childhood obesity in England, launched today (18 August), has been criticised by industry bodies, health campaigners and medical professionals alike. However, campaigners have more to gripe about than industry, writes Ben Cooper.

Latest Interviews

Ben Cooper | 31 Oct 2016

When the UK government published its long-awaited plan to tackle childhood obesity in August, the Food and Drink Federation, which represents UK food manufacturers, seemed less than impressed, criticising the decision to go ahead with the soft drinks levy as "a disappointing diversion" from effective measures and the plan’s sugar reduction targets as "flawed". However, in an interview with just-food, FDF director general Ian Wright struck a more positive note, describing the government's response to the obesity crisis as "relatively well modulated".

Ben Cooper | 19 Oct 2016

In the second part of an extensive interview on the implications of Brexit for UK food companies, Ian Wright, director general of industry association the Food and Drink Federation, speaks with Ben Cooper about the longer-term implications of Brexit for UK food and farming policy and on the food industry's labour force. 

Latest News

Andy Coyne | 19 Dec 2018

A report from the UK government's Public Health England (PHE) body has commented on efforts by the food industry to meet salt reduction targets.

Andy Coyne | 27 Nov 2018

European food giant Nestle has told a hearing of UK politicians about the action it is taking ahead of Brexit next March.

Andy Coyne | 25 Sep 2018

Some 90 UK food industry organisations - including producers, manufacturers and retailers - have committed to halving food waste.

Andy Coyne | 19 Sep 2018

A UK government-commissioned report on migrants coming to work in the UK after Brexit has faced criticism from food industry body the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Simon Harvey | 23 Aug 2018

The UK's Food and Drink Federation (FDF) warned food and drink manufacturers face a "grisly prospect" from a 'no-deal Brexit' as the government issues a series of papers for industry-specific sectors to prepare for what has also been termed a cliff-edge scenario.

Simon Harvey | 23 Aug 2018

The UK has secured a GBP240m (US$309.1m) deal with China for the import into that country of dairy products made with milk sourced from third countries, a boon for local manufacturers currently immersed in the uncertainties of Brexit.

Dean Best | 27 Jul 2018

A so-called no-deal Brexit will lead to shortages of some food in the UK, the head of The Food and Drink Federation, the industry lobby body in the country, has warned.

Simon Harvey | 29 Jun 2018

UK baker Warburtons has been forced to halt production of its crumpets at two of its four plants due to the on-going European carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage that has hit other food and drinks manufacturers.

Andy Coyne | 6 Mar 2018

Public Health England (PHE) is challenging the UK food industry to reduce calories in products consumed by families by 20% by 2024.

Andy Coyne | 11 Jan 2018

Food manufacturers and supermarkets are likely to be in the front line as the UK government draws the battle lines for a war against plastic waste.

Simon Harvey | 14 Dec 2017

Food industry representatives at a UK parliamentary committee meeting today (13 December) stressed that firm and specific details of a Brexit transition agreement would be keenly welcomed to give businesses sufficient time to prepare for an eventual exit.

Simon Harvey | 24 Aug 2017

More than a third of food businesses operating in the UK have said they would become "unviable" without access to workers from the European Union.

Dean Best | 18 Aug 2017

Calories in foods like burgers, pizza and ready meals are to be targeted in the UK government's next push to tackle childhood obesity in England.

Dean Best | 15 Aug 2017

The UK today (15 August) set out its ideas for the post-Brexit customs arrangements between the country and the EU, with London asserting the proposals would "avoid a cliff-edge" for businesses in both markets.

Andy Coyne | 19 Jul 2017

Food manufacturers operating in the UK have outlined what they see as the industry's priorities for the country's Brexit negotiations.

Katy Askew | 12 Jun 2017

UK Conservative politician Michael Gove made a shock return to the Cabinet this weekend when he was named the country's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

John Shepherd | 30 Mar 2017

Public Health England (PHE) today (30 March) set out guidelines for food manufacturers operating in the country to reduce sugar by 20% in the top nine categories of products providing sugar to children's diets by 2020.

John Shepherd | 29 Mar 2017

Food companies on both sides of the English Channel are set to feel the brunt of "more costly" trade once the UK leaves the EU, even if a "customs union" is negotiated, according to a new report.

John Shepherd | 27 Mar 2017

UK food industry organisations in the UK today (27 March) urged the Government to negotiate "a smooth and orderly Brexit", including "tariff-free trade" in the medium term.

John Shepherd | 22 Mar 2017

The UK's Food and Drink Federation said today (22 March) it would "not be technically possible or acceptable to consumers" to meet a voluntary target - issued last year by the country's government - to cut the sugar in products in nine categories by 20% by 2020.

John Shepherd | 14 Mar 2017

The heads of 35 UK food and drink suppliers' organisations are calling on the country's government to reach an early agreement on future trade with Ireland in the run up to Brexit, to avoid "a cliff-edge scenario that results in a sudden transformation" to existing arrangements.

John Shepherd | 21 Feb 2017

The value of UK food and drink exports grew by 10.5% in 2016 to a record of more than GBP20bn (US$24.8) as manufacturers "responded to rapid growth in demand for quality produce", according to new figures from UK industry association the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Latest blogs

Dean Best | 22 Sep 2017

This afternoon, UK Prime Minister Theresa May gave her much-awaited speech on Brexit in the Italian city of Florence. Here's how the UK food industry lobby bodies (and some senior EU politicians) reacted.

Dean Best | 18 Jan 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has shed some light on what she wants from the country's negotiations to leave the EU and its post-Brexit future - and the food sector has given her speech a cautious welcome.

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