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FrieslandCampina is an international dairy co-operative. Founded by the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina in 2008. The head office for FrieslandCampina is located in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

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The volatility in commodity prices, the rise of plant-based alternatives, Brexit, Trump - there was plenty for delegates who headed to Belfa...

What lies ahead for FrieslandCampina's new CEO?

FrieslandCampina, the world's fifth-largest dairy business, has announced the departure of CEO Roelof Joosten, with CFO Hein Schumacher to t...

Hannah Abdulla | 19 Aug 2015

The easing of decade-long economic sanctions on Iran lifted could open a potentially attractive market for international food makers, with access to a population of 80m consumers, a majority of which is under 35 and increasingly on the lookout for branded goods. However, establishing a foothold is unlikely to be straightforward. Hannah Abdulla reports.

Hannah Abdulla | 3 Jul 2015

This Sunday, Greece will decide whether to accept a proposal from its creditors following the breakdown of negotiations over its EU1.6bn debt repayment with the International Monetary Fund. If voters reject the proposal, Greece risks exiting Eurozone. Concerns over what this will mean for the food industry are rife and food manufacturers have started taking measures to prepare for the worst.

Katy Askew | 1 Dec 2014

For US and European companies exporting products to Russia, the operating environment has been challenging to say the least. Recent comments from Moscow would suggest that the going could get tougher for multinationals who operate local subsidiaries in the country as well, Katy Askew suggests.

The recent sale of Italian unit Trentinalatte confirms growth through acquisition is not something Emmi is always successful at. Would, Stefan Kirk asks, the Swiss group's shareholders consider a liquidity event that would make them a participant in European dairy consolidation, plus earn them lots of money?

Latest Interviews

Hannah Abdulla | 30 Mar 2015

FrieslandCampina has had a presence in the Middle East for over 50 years with its condensed and powdered milk products. Regional director Maurits Klavert says the market, despite it making a small contribution to the Dutch dairy giant's pot, has huge potential, which the co-operative is looking to exploit in a big way with a launch into cheese. Hannah Abdulla learns more.

Dean Best | 12 Nov 2014

With stagnant sales in Europe, the Russian embargo and softer-than-normal demand in China, it has been a challenging year for dairy processors. Dean Best met Cees Ruijgrok, the head of FrieslandCampina's export business, at the SIAL trade show in Paris to take the temperature of the sector.

Latest News

Andy Coyne | 15 Dec 2017

Troubled Huishan Dairy Holdings has appointed provisional liquidators.

Andy Coyne | 23 Nov 2017

Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina is to close a site in Germany as part of a "comprehensive reorientation" of its operations in the country. 

Dean Best | 17 Nov 2017

Embattled Chinese business Huishan Dairy has asked its lawyers to make preparations for the company to move into provisional liquidation.

Simon Harvey | 14 Nov 2017

FrieslandCampina has named Jaska de Bakker as the new chief financial officer of the Dutch dairy giant, succeeding Hein Schumacher when he takes the CEO role at the start of the new year.

Andy Coyne | 27 Sep 2017

Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina has announced CFO Hein Schumacher is to become its new chief executive officer.

Andy Coyne | 31 Aug 2017

Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina has seen its revenue and profit increase in the first half of the year on the back of higher sales prices and the impact of an acquisition.

Andy Coyne | 16 Aug 2017

FrieslandCampina, the Dutch dairy cooperative, is attempting to simplify the organisation and make one of the largest companies in the sector more responsive to market trends.

Dean Best | 7 Aug 2017

FrieslandCampina has opened a new production line in a plant in Romania the Dutch dairy giant said would triple the facility's output.

Dean Best | 6 Jul 2017

FrieslandCampina has said its joint venture with China's Huishan Dairy remains up and running despite the Dutch co-operative giant's troubled local partner still being unable to publish details of its financial position.

Dean Best | 4 May 2017

FrieslandCampina has entered the sports nutrition market, launching a range of drinks, bars and shakes.

Dean Best | 29 Mar 2017

China Huishan Dairy Holdings, which last week saw its shares slump by 85% amid speculation its chairman and majority shareholder had misappropriated funds, has provided an update on its financial position, revealing it had met with its creditors after missing interest payments.

Dean Best | 7 Mar 2017

New Zealand's A2 Milk Co. has become an investor in Synlait Milk, one of its suppliers of infant formula, after buying shares in the business from Dutch dairy giant FrieslandCampina.

Dean Best | 2 Mar 2017

FrieslandCampina managed to grow its profits in 2016, a year the Dutch dairy giant described as "turbulent" and one in which the company saw its sales fall.

John Shepherd | 7 Feb 2017

The CEO of Dutch dairy giant FrieslandCampina, Roelof Joosten, has held talks with Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about "possible opportunities" to jointly develop the country's dairy industry.

John Shepherd | 19 Jan 2017

Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and Kellogg are among the companies to have signed up to a global initiative aimed at improving food sourcing, reducing waste and supporting "adjustments" in food production methods to promote "healthy and sustainable diets".

Dean Best | 2 Jan 2017

FrieslandCampina, the Netherlands-based dairy group, is looking to expand the geographical presence of infant formula brand Dutch Lady in China in 2017.

John Shepherd | 20 Dec 2016

FrieslandCampina has named its vice president of M&A, Hans Laarakker, as interim CEO of Engro Foods, the Pakistan dairy company in which the Dutch dairy giant has acquired a 51% majority stake.

John Shepherd | 1 Sep 2016

FrieslandCampina, the Dutch dairy giant, today (1 September) booked a fall in half-year profits as the co-operative felt the pressure on earnings from rising milk production.

Richard Siddle | 4 Jul 2016

FrieslandCampina, the giant Dutch dairy business, has gained a position in central Asia with its acquisition of a majority stake in Engro Foods, Pakistan's second-biggest dairy company, in what is being described as a "defining moment" for the Pakistan dairy industry.

Dean Best | 23 Jun 2016

FrieslandCampina has secured a loan worth EUR150m from the European Investment Bank, which the Dutch dairy giant said it would use to invest in research and development in the region.

Katy Askew | 15 Jun 2016

FrieslandCampina has appointed Frans Keurentjes as the new chairman of the European dairy group.

Dean Best | 20 Apr 2016

Engro Foods, the Pakistan-based dairy company, has reported higher first-quarter profits, although sales came in lower year-on-year.

Latest blogs

Dean Best | 2 Mar 2017

FrieslandCampina, which today served up higher profits but lower sales for 2016, is ready to offload the last non-dairy business owned by the Dutch cooperative giant.

Hannah Abdulla | 14 Nov 2014

Australian mining billionaire Gina Rinehart is reportedly looking to tap into rising demand in China for premium infant formula.

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