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The US CBD products business needs a sheriff

17 Dec 2019

Our columnist Victor Martino weighs up the uncertainty surrounding CBD products in the US and looks at their prospects for the future after a warning from the regulator, the FDA.

US food-industry body GMA calls for regulation for CBD products

29 Oct 2019

US food-industry body The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has spoken out on regulation of the rapidly expanding CBD market.

US food industry body GMA widens remit as it rebrands as CBA

27 Sep 2019

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) - the US food industry body - has rebranded to reflect a wider remit.

US confirms delay to Nutrition Facts label changes

2 Oct 2017

Food companies operating in the US are set to be given almost 18 months longer to implement the changes to the Nutrition Facts labels used on food sold in the country.

US dairy groups set out stall on NAFTA

14 Jun 2017

Two US dairy groups have pledged to work with the Trump administration for a "modernised" North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that "safeguards open trade with Mexico and confronts increasingly protectionist dairy policies by Canada".

Trump delays changes to Nutrition Facts labels in US

13 Jun 2017

The US government has pushed back the planned introduction of changes to the Nutrition Facts labels used on food sold in the country.

US food groups want more time on Nutrition Facts label

6 Apr 2017

US food and drink manufacturers have called for the July 2018 deadline to implement changes to the Nutrition Facts label to be pushed back three years.

GMA urges US FDA to extend sodium reduction timeline

26 Oct 2016

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has urged the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to extend its timeline for meeting short-term reduction goals aimed at cutting sodium consumption from two to "at least four years" and to "streamline" categories of products involved.

Why companies cannot lose with employee engagement in sustainability

22 Sep 2016

Initiatives to involve employees in sustainability aims are commonplace in progressive food companies and for good reason. We explain how manufacturers are reaping the benefits.

US food companies urge action on Hanjin Shipping crisis

21 Sep 2016

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is among a coalition of 120 US organisations representing sectors including manufacturing and retail that has raised concerns with the US Commerce Department over the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping.

How food policy may feature in the White House after November - analysis

6 Sep 2016

Food policy may not have been much discussed in the campaigns of either of the White House hopefuls so far, but when Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump takes office many of the new President's policy decisions will, either directly or indirectly, impact on the food sector. Ben Cooper casts an eye ahead to the coming four years.

American Heart Association advises on added sugars for children

23 Aug 2016

Children aged two to 18 in the US should eat less than 25 grams of added sugars each day, the American Heart Association has recommended.

US food companies gain crucial concession on GM labelling

16 Aug 2016

The new federal bill on the labelling of genetically-modified ingredients in the US includes a critical compromise which will allow the necessary product information to be communicated through a QR code. Ben Cooper asks whether this enshrines the consumer’s right to know if GM ingredients are present or the right to find out.

US industry welcomes signing of GMO bill 

1 Aug 2016

US food industry representatives have responded positively to Barack Obama's signing of a bill requiring nationwide disclosure of genetically modified ingredients in food products on sale in the country. 

National GMO labelling in US edges closer after Senate vote

7 Jul 2016

A federal bill that would require labelling of foods in the US made with genetically engineered ingredients – commonly known as GMOs – has cleared a major hurdle in the Senate and is on course to win final approval in the Senate within days.

Bi-partisan Senate bill backs US GMO labelling standard

24 Jun 2016

A US Senate committee has agreed a bi-partisan bill for a proposed national standard on the mandatory disclosure of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients – commonly known as GMOs – in most foods.

Debate rages as US moves towards salt reduction

7 Jun 2016

The US government has announced plans to cut the country's salt intake, a move some in campaign circles have been urging for nearly 40 years. The Food and Drug Administration's voluntary targets attracted support from NGOs and parts of the industry, although, as Ben Cooper writes, the reaction was not entirely positive.

FDA sodium targets - the reaction

2 Jun 2016

The US Food and Drug Administration has outlined plans to cut salt intake in the country by almost a third in ten years, releasing voluntary targets in 150 categories, which are now up for consultation. Here's a flavour of the reaction to the announcement.

Nestle unveils global salt reduction drive

6 May 2016

Nestle has said it aims to reduce the amount of salt across its global portfolio and – in the US – has thrown its weight behind the introduction of government-backed salt reduction targets. 

US Senate rejects voluntary GMO labelling act 

17 Mar 2016

The US Senate has blocked a federal bill that would require the voluntary labelling of GMOs in food and thereby override state legislation demanding the mandatory labelling of GMO ingredients. 

Quote, unquote – reaction to US Dietary Guidelines for Americans

8 Jan 2016

The US government outlined new dietary guidelines yesterday (7 October) that will inform both health care professionals, consumers and – significantly -policy decision making over the next five years. The response has – predictably – been mixed.

30 US food firms sign up to SmartLabel transparency initiative

3 Dec 2015

More than 30 US food companies including the likes of ConAgra Foods, Smucker, Kellogg and General Mills have signed up to SmartLabel technology, committing to being more transparent about the ingredients that go into their products.

General Mills targeted by anti-GMO campaigners 

27 Oct 2015

US anti-GMO campaigners have singled out General Mills for criticism as they called for increased transparency over whether products contain GMOs. 

FDA finalises safety rules in US

14 Sep 2015

The US Food and Drug Administration has finalised its long-awaited new food safety rules, with a compliance deadline for larger businesses of September next year.

US FDA eyes added sugars info change on Nutrition Facts label

27 Jul 2015

The US Food and Drug Administration has proposed including the percentage daily value for added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label used in the country.

US House passes anti-GMO labelling bill

24 Jul 2015

The US House of Representatives has backed a bill that blocks moves to introduce mandatory labelling of food containing genetically modified ingredients.

GMO food labelling act passes House committee

15 Jul 2015

The Safe and Accurate Food Labelling Act, which would require the voluntary nationwide labelling of GMOs in the US, has passed the House Committee on Agriculture.

Comment: Why USDA action on GMOs could block mandatory labelling

18 May 2015

The labelling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food products is a massive hot potato in the US. Not least because states like Vermont are attempting to push through mandatory labelling – something staunchly opposed by much of the food industry. The USDA entered the fray when it revealed the development of a certification and labelling scheme for GMOs under its existing Process Verified Program. Could this help stave off compulsory labels?

Food industry quotes of the week: Wessanen, Dean Foods, Mondelez

11 May 2015

This week, Kellogg reported its first-quarter results and, despite sales and profits being down, CEO John Bryant said the firm was on the right track. Elsewhere, Mondelez International took steps to bolster its e-commerce efforts, announcing a tie-up with technology firm ChannelSight. Dean Foods announced it was bringing its 31 milk brands under one label, a move we analysed to find out whether it could put the dairy maker back on the road to recovery after a string of loss-making quarters. Here is the week in quotes.

US court backs Vermont GMO labelling act

28 Apr 2015

A US federal court has denied a motion from the Grocery Manufacturers Association to block the implementation of GMO labelling laws in Vermont.








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