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Focus: FDA restates intentions on nutritional food labelling

17 May 2012

The FDA's recently announced 2012-2016 strategic plan includes specific reference to both front-of-pack nutritional labelling and reform of the nutrition facts panel. Details of how the FDA plans to proceed remain sketchy, Ben Cooper writes, but the fact that these two items are firmly on the policy agenda ensures a lively debate will continue and possibly intensify during the coming few years.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food this week

5 Mar 2012

It had been speculated in recent months but, this week, PepsiCo and German dairy giant Muller confirmed plans to start a manufacturing yoghurt in the US, where sales of the product are growing fast. Ferrero's decision to build a plant in Mexico and General Mills' acquisition of US snacks firm Food Should Taste Good also grabbed your attention, as did financial results from chocolate firm Lindt & Sprungli and Dutch retailer Ahold. And, to mark Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK, we interviewed Paul Chandler, chief executive of a pioneer in the sector, Traidcraft.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

5 Mar 2012

Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual event that highlights the ethical sector in the UK, started this week and just-food spoke to Paul Chandler, chief executive of Fairtrade pioneer Traidcraft, about the impact that interest from bigger companies is having on the aims of Fairtrade. One company that has launched Fairtrade products, Nestle, this week said it was the first confectioner in the UK to make its products additive-free. Elsewhere, we spoke to US industry body The Grocery Manufacturers Association on sustainability and asked Dutch retail giant Ahold, which runs major chains in the US, what suppliers will do to boost stagnant sales.

Nutritional labelling - US industry takes voluntary route

1 Mar 2012

Front-of-pack nutritional labelling has been extensively debated across a number of countries in recent years. This management briefing looks at the ongoing debate on this issue in the US and Australia, examining both industry and public health perspectives.

Nutritional labelling - US watchdog ponders next move

1 Mar 2012

With Facts Up Front, US food manufacturers have looked to take the initiative of the kind of nutrition labels that should be used on the front of packs. However, at the same time, Congress commissioned academic research into what labels should be devised by the Food and Drug Administration. As Ben Cooper writes, the US food industry is now waiting for the FDA's verdict.

Sustainability Watch - Meghan Stasz, Grocery Manufacturers Association

29 Feb 2012

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents US food companies, has just published a report highlighting achievements in environmental sustainability by its members. Ben Cooper spoke with GMA sustainability director Meghan Stasz about the initiatives and the potential for further progress.

Talking shop: Wal-Mart makes own move on front-of-pack labels

24 Feb 2012

The launch by Wal-Mart Stores of its Great For You icon is a positive move by the retailer to encourage consumers to choose healthier foods. However, Ben Cooper writes, the retailer has so far failed to clarify whether it will be using the industry's new Facts Up Front nutritional label on its products.

Food safety - the US Food Safety Modernization Act

31 Oct 2011

This has been a momentous year regarding food safety in the US not because of any single, high-profile contamination but because the country has witnessed the first comprehensive reform of its food safety laws for 70 years.

Food safety - the challenge of US reform

31 Oct 2011

US reform of the country's food safety network is aimed at making the Food and Drug Administration focus more on prevention, rather than being a reactive on the issue. This part of the just-food briefing looks at the problems of passing and implementing the planned reforms.

US: Food makers should use one labelling system - study

25 Oct 2011

Food items on sale in the US should carry a uniform set of nutrition labels to enable consumers to buy healthier products, a study has argued.

US: Diamond Foods CEO Mendes joins Hormel board

28 Sep 2011

Diamond Foods chairman, president and CEO Michael Mendes has joined the board of US food group Hormel Foods.

US: Former Campbell food safety boss Dunaif joins GMA

4 Aug 2011

US food industry body The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has appointed former Campbell Soup Co. executive George Dunaif as VP of food safety and technical services.

The just-food management briefing - GM - consumer protection

31 May 2011

The second part of our briefing looks at the main safety issues associated with GM - as defined by the WHO - and the differences between regulation in the EU and the US.

US: Food trade body GMA names Darragh in policy role

25 May 2011

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents US food manufacturers, has named a key lobbyist in the biotechnology industry to a newly-created role to push its members' interests in the global policy arena.

UPDATE: US: CSPI slams Nutrition Keys labelling scheme

25 Jan 2011

A US public interest group has slammed Nutrition Keys, a new front-of-pack nutrition labelling system launched by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Food Marketing Institute.

US: Manufacturers launch 'Nutrition Keys' labelling system

25 Jan 2011

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in the US have launched a front-of-pack nutrition labelling system called Nutrition Keys.

Talking shop: Eyes on Wal-Mart as major health initiative begins

21 Jan 2011

The news that Wal-Mart Stores is to reformulate thousands of its packaged food products through the lowering of sodium and sugars has garnered a mix of reactions from industry watchers, many of whom believe the initiative may now cause a ripple effect throughout the sector.

US: Industry claims US ethanol law will drive up food prices

10 Nov 2010

US food industry groups have attacked the law change that allows fuel containing 15% ethanol to be used in cars, claiming the new regulation will force up food prices.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food this week

5 Nov 2010

This week has seen a raft of financial results that have given us a chance to gauge the health of the sector. It's been a mixed bag - Kellogg's sales and profits slid - but there were positives to take from the likes of Kraft Foods and Unilever. Elsewhere, Wal-Mart Stores has its eyes on emerging markets expansion, we have had analysis of Whole Foods Market's performance and a discussion of public health policy in Canada.

Focus: US industry takes initiative on front-of-pack labelling

4 Nov 2010

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute have announced the launch of a new industry-led front-of-pack nutrition labelling system in the US. Ben Cooper assesses how it might be received by policymakers and campaigners.

US: Food industry launches front-of-pack labelling plans

28 Oct 2010

US food manuafcturers, retailers and wholesalers have announced plans for new front-of-pack labels based on information that shows calories and nutrients to limit.

The just-food management briefing - how to green your supply chain - part II

25 Oct 2010

The development of company policy on sustainability not only needs to include suppliers but also the wider NGO sphere - from government and unions and from farming groups to aid charities. Here the briefing discusses examples of established bodies that incorporate broader stakeholder involvement.

Focus: Washington will welcome food industry engagement

13 Oct 2010

As US food companies and campaigners await the publication today (13 Oct) of research into front-of-pack food labelling by the Institute of Medicine, Ben Cooper looks at how industry is engaging both with government agencies and public interest groups on the food labelling issue and on advertising food to children.

FDA gets tough but leaves scope for co-operation

9 Mar 2010

The action taken by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week against 17 food manufacturers underlines its resolve in addressing food labelling. But, Ben Cooper writes, the FDA has left the way open for industry to be involved in the development of future policy and it appears to be an opportunity food companies are keen to grasp.

Mrs Obama moves to tackle childhood obesity

9 Feb 2010

The launch in the US today of a major initiative on childhood obesity, to be led by First Lady Michelle Obama, underlines the administration’s commitment to tackling the problem. Ben Cooper looks at the implications for food companies and for self-regulation.

US: Del Monte chief to head GMA

26 Jan 2010

Rick Wolford, the boss of US food group Del Monte Foods, has been appointed chairman of industry body The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

UPDATE: US: Food makers want "holistic" plan on heart disease

11 Jan 2010

US food manufacturers said today (11 January) that they backed plans to cut the level of salt eaten by consumers - but said lowering the risk of heart disease needed more than targeting one nutrient.

US: Industry under fire over marketing to kids

16 Dec 2009

US consumer groups have again put the marketing of unhealthy foods to children in the spotlight and raised questions over the rigour of industry self-regulation.

Obama taking food self-regulation to task

2 Nov 2009

President Obama has made tackling childhood obesity and nutrition a key priority. The FDA’s recent announcement on nutritional labelling demonstrates the administration’s willingness to act in areas where it deems self-regulation to have been ineffective, Ben Cooper writes, and this proactive approach may not be confined to food labelling.

US: Grocery manufacturers welcome supply initiative

3 Aug 2009

US grocery manufacturers have welcomed the establishment of an initiative that aims to improve the safety of increasingly global food supplies.







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