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COMMENT: White House food safety move lacks substance

13 Jul 2009

While any move to improve US food safety will likely be welcomed by consumers and the industry alike, Katy Humphries suggests that last week’s announcement from the White House does not go far enough to tackle some of the more pressing challenges facing the sector.

US: Obama to toughen food safety standards

8 Jul 2009

The Obama administration has unveiled a series of measures designed to toughen food safety standards and strengthen the enforcement powers of regulatory bodies in the US.

US: House mulls increased scrutiny of food supply

28 May 2009

The US House of Representatives is considering a bill to modernise the country's food safety system, including steps designed to create a more transparent supply chain and to inspect processing facilities more often.

US: GMA calls for food safety reform

7 Apr 2009

A US food industry body has thrown its weight behind calls for reforms to food safety legislation in the wake of a number of high-profile safety scares.

US: Obama moves to boost food safety

16 Mar 2009

President Barack Obama has signalled his intention to improve US food safety on Saturday (14 March), with the formation of a Food Safety Working Group and two top appointments at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Peanut butter scare revives calls for reform

23 Jan 2009

Once again, a food safety scare has swept across the US causing fresh concern among US consumers and repeated calls for reform of how the country regulates its food supply. Dean Best examines the impact of the peanut butter salmonella outbreak.

US: GMA calls on Obama to increase FDA funding

16 Jan 2009

US food industry representatives have called on president-elect Barack Obama to increase funding to the US Food and Drug Administration in a bid to improve the security of the nation’s food supply.

US: Industry claims kids exposed to fewer junk ads

24 Sep 2008

US food makers and the country's advertisers have claimed that children are being exposed to fewer food, drink and restaurant adverts and that the mix is shifting towards ads for lower-calorie foods.

US: Food prices up 16% year-on-year – USDA

1 Aug 2008

The US Department of Agriculture has revealed that the overall price of crops and livestock has risen 16% over last year’s level due to the rising cost of fuel, feed and fertiliser.

US: Protect kids from food dyes, says CSPI

4 Jun 2008

The debate over food additives and hyperactivity in children has intensified in the US after a leading consumer watchdog said eight dyes should be banned.

UPDATE - US: CSPI cools obesity "plateau" claims

29 May 2008

Child obesity in the US is still “unbelievably high”, a key consumer watchdog said today (29 May) after a government study claimed rates had reached a plateau.

US: Child obesity hits "plateau", claims study

29 May 2008

Childhood obesity rates in the US may have reached a plateau after decades of continuous increases, a government report has claimed.

US: USDA wades into biofuels debate

20 May 2008

The US Department of Agriculture has downplayed concerns that the production of biofuels is having serious consequences for the price of food.

FDA reform proposals spark more debate

13 May 2008

In the wake of numerous food contamination scares, the effectiveness of the Food and Drug Administration in protecting food safety in the US has been a subject of fierce debate. Last month, the US Congress put forward proposals for extensive reform of the agency. Ben Cooper assesses how they have been received by industry representatives, consumer advocates and other stakeholders.

US: Bush defends biofuels targets

30 Apr 2008

With the price of corn, wheat and other grains reaching 30-year highs, President Bush has defended his administrations biofuels policy.

US: Congress looks to strengthen FDA

22 Apr 2008

The US Congress has set out a series of reforms it believes will enable the Food and Drug Administration to better monitor the safety of food.

US: GMA demands more cash for FDA

10 Apr 2008

An increase in the US Food and Drug Administration’s funding is urgently needed to maintain a competitive global position and encourage consumer confidence, representatives of the US food industry have told legislators.

US: Washington predicts slump in corn output

1 Apr 2008

The US Department of Agriculture has predicted that corn production will dramatically fall this year, setting off alarm bells in the food industry.

US: US consumer body questions food safety plan

21 Sep 2007

A US consumer pressure group, has criticised the food safety proposal put forward by the US food industry body, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), earlier this week.

US: Food industry calls for more regulation on imports

19 Sep 2007

US food manufacturers have called for more regulation to ensure the safety and quality of food imports into the country.

GMA/FPA puts food industry at heart of obesity debate - COMMENT

5 Apr 2007

The inaugural meeting of the Media and Childhood Obesity: Today and Tomorrow task force was held two weeks ago. The food industry has taken an active role in this broad-based coalition through the participation of the GMA/FPA. Ben Cooper assesses the food industry’s involvement in the new initiative as part of the industry’s broader commitment to corporate social responsibility.

US: Study says kids bombarded with junk food ads

29 Mar 2007

According to a new study released today (29 March) by the Kaiser Family Foundation, half of all adverts aired in the US during children’s programming promote food products – 34% of these are for candy and snack foods while 10% are for fast foods. Of all the ads reviewed in the study, none promoted the consumption of fruits or vegetables.

US: GMA/FPA joins anti-obesity task force

22 Mar 2007

US industry body the Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association (GMA/FPA) yesterday (21 March) took part in the inaugural meeting of Media and Childhood Obesity: Today and Tomorrow, a joint task force that will be tacking the issues surrounding childhood obesity and advertising.

US: FSIS plans introduction of risk-based inspection

23 Feb 2007

The US Department of Agriculture's secretary for food safety Dr Richard Raymond has announced a timetable for the introduction of a more robust risk-based assessment process in meat and poultry processing plants. The new procedure will gradually come into effect, beginning in April.

US: Merger heralds new era for National Food Lab

6 Feb 2007

The merger of the Food Products Association (FPA) with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), will herald a new phase in the development of the National Food Laboratory (NFL), which supports new product development in the food industry, the organisation has claimed.

US: Government and industry unite to improve US diet

9 Jan 2007

The US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns and food industry representatives from the Grocery Manufacturers / Food Producers Association (GMA/FPA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) will join forces on Thursday (11 January) to announce a cooperative initiative designed to improve the nation’s diet.

US: GMA opposes regulation of functional foods

6 Dec 2006

The GMA/FPA, the largest food industry body representing top US manufacturers, has opposed governmental regulation of functional foods.

US: GMA/FPA reacts to advertising report

5 Dec 2006

Industry trade association GMA/FPA has issued a statement regarding a report on responsible advertising released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

US: CPG companies collaborate to improve performance

16 Nov 2006

According to the latest research published by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers, as demands on the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry intensify companies will increasingly collaborate to retain their competitive edge.

US: Industry applauds voluntary advertising guidelines

16 Nov 2006

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has welcomed two voluntary initiatives that, it said, will strengthen the existing self-regulatory framework governing the advertising of food and drink to children, as well as increasing the amount of advertising dedicated to promoting healthy products.







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