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Carrefour's Guyenne et Gascogne dilemma

Carrefour, the world's second-biggest retailer, is set to buy its French retail franchise partner Guyenne et Gascogne in a deal worth nearly...

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Dean Best | 20 Jan 2012

Carrefour franchisee Guyenne et Gascogne has reported a slide in sales in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Dean Best | 19 Dec 2011

Industry watchers have forecast further consolidation in the confectionery sector but there has been an absence of major deals in 2011 - until today, when Scandinavian candy makers Cloetta and Leaf International announced plans to merge. Elsewhere in Europe this week, Carrefour tabled a bid to buy French franchise partner Guyenne et Gascogne. Findus Group's French operations, meanwhile, grabbed the headlines with news that private-equity owner Lion Capital ended talks to sell the business to rival buy-out house Permira. And Diamond Foods' deal to buy snacks brand Pringles looks uncertain amid news that the SEC is to investigate crop payments made at the company.

Katie Smith | 19 Dec 2011

This week, Swedish confectionery companies Cloetta and Leaf International revealed plans to merge. Elsewhere, Carrefour announced plans to buy its French retail franchise partner Guyenne et Gascogne and on this side of the Channel, Premier Foods sold off another division, this time in Ireland to The Boyne Valley Group.

Dean Best | 12 Dec 2011

Carrefour has tabled a cash-and-share bid for French franchise retail partner Guyenne et Gascogne.

Dean Best | 12 Dec 2011

Carrefour is to sell its stake in Altis, its franchise retail venture with Spanish retailer Eroski.

Sam Webb | 12 Dec 2011

Shares in supermarket franchise operator Guyenne et Gascogne were suspended today (12 December) ahead of an impending announcement on its talks with retail giant Carrefour.

Dean Best | 12 Dec 2011

There would have been weary sighs in retail boardrooms this week after India's government suspended plans to open up its retail sector to more overseas investment. It was, Tesco CFO Laurie McIlwee claimed, a "missed opportunity" for India. McIlwee, meanwhile, also faced questions about Tesco's UK operations, which reported another quarter of falling sales. Elsewhere, Wal-Mart, another retailer that could benefit from reform in India, raised eyebrows when it admitted it had opened an investigation into bribery allegations within its international operations.

Katie Smith | 12 Dec 2011

India hit the industry headlines again this week after the country's government decided to suspend its plans to allow more foreign investment into the local retail sector. Meanwhile, here in the UK, Premier Foods plc, the country's largest food maker, continued its restructuring with the sale of its Brookes Avana division, while Kraft Foods announced plans to revamp its UK manufacturing network leading to a loss of 200 jobs at its Cadbury arm.

Sam Webb | 8 Dec 2011

Carrefour today (8 December) confirmed it is in talks with franchise partner Guyenne and Gascogne, negotiations that could see the French retail giant buy a stake in the business.

Sam Webb | 7 Dec 2011

France's Carrefour is reportedly considering buying its franchisee Guyenne et Gascogne.

Petah Marian | 19 Jul 2011

Guyenne et Gascogne has reported an increase in first-half sales, posting "satisfactory" performances in April and May, although the Carrefour franchise operator admitted that June was "more difficult". | 19 Apr 2011

Guyenne et Gascogne has booked a 4.5% increase in first-quarter sales, which were boosted by higher fuel prices. | 18 Jan 2011

French retailer Guyenne et Gascogne has posted rising annual revenue for 2010 despite seeing sales staying flat for the second quarter running in the last three months of the year. | 20 Oct 2010

French food retailer Guyenne et Gascogne announced today (20 October) that its third quarter sales, excluding fuel, were flat at EUR129.4m (US$179.4m). | 22 Jul 2010

Carrefour franchise operator Guyenne et Gascogne said the business is performing in line with expectations, as it booked an increase in first-half sales. | 18 Mar 2010

Carrefour franchise operator Guyenne et Gascogne today (18 March) hailed the "resilience" of its business in 2009 despite annual profits falling by more than 21%. | 20 Jan 2010

French supermarket and hypermarket operator Guyenne et Gascogne has posted a dip in full-year sales, despite a “satisfactory” fourth quarter. | 21 Jul 2009

French supermarket and hypermarket group Guyenne et Gascogne has seen its second-quarter sales improve on the previous three months, although turnover was still down on the year. | 17 Jul 2008

France-based retailer Guyenne et Gascogne posted a 5.5% rise in sales for the first half of the year, despite what it termed a “competitive environment”. | 17 Apr 2008

Guyenne et Gascogne, the France-based retailer, has seen quarterly sales rise 6.2%, thanks to growth from the Carrefour supermarkets it runs under licence in Spain. | 19 Mar 2008

France-based retailer Guyenne et Gascogne has seen annual profits tumble by a third after seeing its domestic supermarkets have a “difficult year”.

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