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Big Food's VC-style funds: the investments so far

just-food presents a guide to some of the main in-house venture capital funds operated by major food businesses. ...

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Dean Best | 18 Oct 2018

Katjes Group is a member of Big Food with a division to invest in fledgling businesses. Dean Best talks to the Germany-based confectioner about the strategy for its Katjesgreenfood fund.

Latest News

Simon Harvey | 3 Jan 2019

Germany-based confectionery producer Katjes Group has sold its minority stake in a local chocolate maker having been hot on the investment trail of late. 

Simon Harvey | 26 Nov 2018

German confectioner Katjes Group is investing in a US start-up producing plant-based and palm-oil-free nut butter spreads.

Dean Best | 5 Sep 2018

Katjesgreenfood, the fund set up by Germany-based confectioner Katjes Group to invest in up-and-coming suppliers, has backed Fora, a maker of vegan butter in the US.

Andy Coyne | 23 Mar 2018

German confectioner Katjes Group has bought a 5% stake in Californian start-up Foodstirs Modern Baking, which was co-founded by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Andy Coyne | 23 Jan 2018

German confectioner Katjes Group has taken a stake in UK sweets business Candy Kittens. 

Dean Best | 14 Sep 2017

Katjesgreenfood, the investment arm of German confectionery giant Katjes Group, focused on "sustainable food", has acquired a 15% stake in US muesli firm Seven Sundays.

Katy Askew | 6 Jul 2017

Cloetta has entered into an agreement to sell its struggling operations in Italy to Germany's Katjes International in a deal the Swedish snack maker said values the unit at around SEK450m (US$53m).

Helen Arnold | 19 Jun 2017

Germany-based confectionery company Katjes International has snapped up a 5.7% stake in Austrian wafer maker Josef Manner from Polish confectionery firm Wawel.

Katy Askew | 23 May 2016

US candy emporium operator Dylan's Candy Bar is to roll out Katjes Fassin's 3D printer Katjes Magic Candy Factory in the country.

Hannah Abdulla | 21 Jan 2016

Germany-based confectionery firm Katjes International has become the sole shareholder in Dutch liquorice firm Festivaldi.

Katy Askew | 2 Oct 2014

Katjes International, the international division of German confectioner Katjes Group, has acquired local peer Piasten.

just-food.com | 13 Sep 2011

German confectioner Katjes International is confident it will improve Lamy Lutti's performance following its acquisition of the French candy firm.

just-food.com | 7 Sep 2011

German confectioner Katjes International has acquired a 100% stake in French candy firm Lamy Lutti.

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