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Dean Best | 18 Oct 2018

Katjes Group is a member of Big Food with a division to invest in fledgling businesses. Dean Best talks to the Germany-based confectioner about the strategy for its Katjesgreenfood fund.

Latest News

Dean Best | 5 Sep 2018

Katjesgreenfood, the fund set up by Germany-based confectioner Katjes Group to invest in up-and-coming suppliers, has backed Fora, a maker of vegan butter in the US.

Katy Askew | 6 Jul 2017

Cloetta has entered into an agreement to sell its struggling operations in Italy to Germany's Katjes International in a deal the Swedish snack maker said values the unit at around SEK450m (US$53m).

Helen Arnold | 19 Jun 2017

Germany-based confectionery company Katjes International has snapped up a 5.7% stake in Austrian wafer maker Josef Manner from Polish confectionery firm Wawel.

John Shepherd | 22 Nov 2016

Lutti, the French arm of Katjes International, is to distribute German confectioner Alfred Ritter's square Ritter Sport tablets of chocolate in France, with the aim of "developing the product exponentially".

John Shepherd | 27 Sep 2016

German confectionery firm Katjes International has booked a 9.3% increase in first-half sales, with its performance boosted by becoming the sole shareholder earlier this year of Dutch liquorice firm Festivaldi.

Katy Askew | 23 May 2016

US candy emporium operator Dylan's Candy Bar is to roll out Katjes Fassin's 3D printer Katjes Magic Candy Factory in the country.

Hannah Abdulla | 21 Jan 2016

Lutti, the French arm of Germany-based confectioner Katjes International, has reportedly expressed interest in assets Mondelez International has been rumoured to be ready to sell.

Hannah Abdulla | 21 Jan 2016

Germany-based confectionery firm Katjes International has become the sole shareholder in Dutch liquorice firm Festivaldi.

Katy Askew | 2 Oct 2014

Katjes International, the international division of German confectioner Katjes Group, has acquired local peer Piasten.

Dean Best | 24 Aug 2012

Swedish confectioner Cloetta has today (24 August) reported higher half-year losses, hit by higher commodity costs but also its merger with rival Leaf International.

Dean Best | 22 Feb 2012

Cloetta, the Sweden-based confectionery giant, has decided to sell a distribution unit in Belgium to German rival Katjes International.

just-food.com | 13 Sep 2011

German confectioner Katjes International is confident it will improve Lamy Lutti's performance following its acquisition of the French candy firm.

just-food.com | 7 Sep 2011

German confectioner Katjes International has acquired a 100% stake in French candy firm Lamy Lutti.

just-food.com | 11 Jul 2011

German confectioner Katjes International has confirmed plans to exercise its option to acquire the 33.3% stake in French candy firm Lamy Lutti it does not already own.

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