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Kellogg is an international food company. Founded by Will Keith Kellogg in 1906, Kellogg is a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as K. The head office for Kellogg is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.

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Kellogg H1: five things to learn

Second-quarter profits that beat Wall Street forecasts gave Kellogg's shares a boost yesterday (3 August), closing up more than 4% after the...

Analysis: Aiming for fresh start for food systems

Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and Kellogg are among the companies to have signed up to a global initiative aimed at improving food sourcing, red...

Katy Askew | 15 Feb 2017

Kellogg's decision to end the direct store delivery (DSD) of its snacks in the US is expected to give the company's profitability some momentum, with the Cheez-It owner saying the move would leave it better placed to grow revenues from that part of its business. However, the Pringles maker faces an uphill challenge to turn around declining sales trends. Katy Askew reports. 

Katy Askew | 6 Oct 2016

Zero-based budgeting is not a new concept. It was developed around five decades ago by Peter Pyhrr, an account manager at semiconductor firm Texas Instruments. After being taken up by US president Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, the method fell into obscurity. Recent years have seen it experience a revival in the food industry. In this series of articles, just-food examines zero-based budgeting and asks if it is a miracle diet for packaged food companies seeking a shapelier margin profile.

Ben Cooper | 22 Sep 2016

Initiatives aimed at involving employees in sustainability aims are now commonplace in progressive food companies, and for good reason. Ben Cooper examines employee engagement in the food industry and explains how food manufacturers are reaping the multiple benefits of enthusing employees around food sustainability objectives.

Ben Cooper | 22 Sep 2016

Sustainability concerns pervade every aspect of a food company’s operations so opportunities and approaches to engage employees in sustainability are immensely varied. Here, just-food looks at the different ways six global food manufacturers seek to engage their workforce in their sustainability aims.

Latest Interviews

Katy Askew | 30 Mar 2017

Kashi Company, the US natural food business owned by Kellogg, is increasing its focus on organic products. With just 1% of US farmland dedicated to organic production, the group has come up with an innovative way of supporting farmers make the switch through its certified transitional programme. Katy Askew caught up with Tina Owens, senior manager of procurement and sustainability at Kashi, to find out more. 

Dean Best | 13 Mar 2015

There is speculation over the future ownership of UK-based meat-free business Quorn Foods. It is hardly surprising. Quorn has been owned by a private-equity firm since 2010 and is a business enjoying continued solid growth in a challenging industry. Dean Best spoke to Quorn CEO Kevin Brennan about the sale rumours and his plans for the business this year.

Latest News

Dean Best | 3 Aug 2017

Kellogg today (3 August) reported lower half-year sales, hit in part by "soft consumption" in the US, but the Coco Pops cereal maker had more positive news on profits.

Helen Arnold | 22 Jun 2017

Kellogg has teamed up with US restaurant operator Moe’s Southwest Grill to market frozen breakfast products to be sold in the country's retail stores.

Dean Best | 15 Jun 2017

Kellogg has led a round of investment in US plant-based smoothie firm Bright Greens.

John Shepherd | 25 May 2017

Kellogg has reduced the levels of sugar in three of its cereal bar products now on sale in the UK to "meet rising demands for lower-sugar options".

Dean Best | 4 May 2017

Kellogg, the Special K-to-Pringles maker, today (4 May) reported first-quarter earnings that beat analyst forecasts but moved to cut its forecast for its annual underlying sales.

Dean Best | 2 May 2017

Kellogg is to close a distribution site in New York state as part of the US food giant's plans to change the way it distributes its snack products in the country.

Dean Best | 6 Apr 2017

Kellogg has announced its latest cut to the sugar in the Coco Pops cereal on sale in the UK.

Dean Best | 27 Feb 2017

Warren Buffett has said Kraft Heinz has not prepared "a back-up deal" in the wake of Unilever rejecting the US group's proposed takeover offer.

Dean Best | 16 Feb 2017

Kellogg has intensified its bid to tap its Special K cereal brand into demand for on-the-go products in the US with a new line of snacks.

Katy Askew | 9 Feb 2017

US cereal-to-snack group Kellogg reported it has successfully strengthened its operating margins during 2016 but failed to halt a drop in revenue with more of the same forecast for the coming year.

John Shepherd | 9 Feb 2017

Cereal-to-snack group Kellogg has announced plans to change the delivery model for its US snacks business to cut costs, "reduce complexity" and drive growth.

Katy Askew | 19 Jan 2017

US cereal-to-snack group Kellogg has confirmed it plans to eliminate 250 positions at its operations in North America. 

John Shepherd | 19 Jan 2017

Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and Kellogg are among the companies to have signed up to a global initiative aimed at improving food sourcing, reducing waste and supporting "adjustments" in food production methods to promote "healthy and sustainable diets".

John Shepherd | 18 Jan 2017

Kellogg has launched a granola under its All-Bran brand in Canada as part of a list of new products to hit the market this year.

John Shepherd | 16 Jan 2017

Kellogg has named US Foods finance chief Fareed Khan as its new CFO.

Dean Best | 11 Jan 2017

Kellogg fund Eighteen94 Capital has announced US firm Kuli Kuli, a company making bars and powders from plant food moringa, as its first investment.

John Shepherd | 11 Jan 2017

Kellogg has announced the launch of a raft of "nutritious" products in North America, drawing on "innovations" in its cereals range, as well as new snacks and gourmet frozen food options.  

Dean Best | 16 Dec 2016

Kellogg has re-introduced its breakfast cereals and snack brand Pringles into Iran.

John Shepherd | 30 Nov 2016

Wilmar International, the agribusiness accused by Amnesty International of running Indonesian palm oil plantations that contribute to child labour and human rights abuses, has called for collaboration to achieve a "labour transformation" across the global palm oil industry.

John Shepherd | 30 Nov 2016

Nestle, Unilever and Kellogg are among the companies that are contributing to child labour and human rights abuses, Amnesty International has claimed in a report published today (30 November).

John Shepherd | 29 Nov 2016

There is "a shocking difference in levels of salt and sugar" in breakfast cereals sold in nearly 30 countries by Kellogg and Cereal Partners Worldwide, a study published today (29 November) has claimed.

John Shepherd | 24 Nov 2016

Consumer protection chiefs in Chile are suing Kellogg, Nestle and Mars Inc for displaying children's cartoon characters on products high in sugar in alleged breaches of advertising laws to combat obesity.

Latest blogs

Katy Askew | 22 Jul 2016

Market speculation over a possible takeover of Kellogg surfaced this week, with the snacks-to-cereal maker linked to both Kraft Heinz and Coca Cola Co.

Katy Askew | 30 Jun 2016

US cereal giant Kellogg's revealed plans to open a cafe in New York City, located at a prime location on Broadway.

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