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Norway's top grocers face fines over price 'co-ordination'

15 Dec 2020

Norway's three largest grocers face record fines from the country's competition watchdog, which is claiming the retailers "co-ordinated" their pricing.

NORWAY: Norgesgruppen sees "solid" performance in "tough" market

28 Mar 2014

Norwegian retailer Norgesgruppen hailed a "solid" performance in a "tough" market today (28 March) as it reported higher sales and operating profit for 2013.

NORWAY: Norgesgruppen fined over ICA Maxi transaction

21 Feb 2014

Norway's competition regulator has fined retailer Norgesgruppen EUR25m (US$34.2m) over its acquisition of ICA Maxi premises.

SWEDEN: Retailer ICA records "positive" Q1

29 Apr 2013

Swedish retailer ICA said it started the year on a "positive note", despite booking a drop in first-quarter profit hit by one-off costs.

NORWAY: Norgesgruppen fined over ICA acquisitions

26 Apr 2013

The Norwegian Competition Authority has levied a fine against retailer Norgesgruppen over its acquisition of a number of stores from peer ICA.

NORWAY: ICA, Norgesgruppen cooperation deal faces probe

19 Apr 2013

Norway's Competition Authority has placed a temporary block on a tie-up between retailers ICA and Norgesgruppen while it examines whether the deal could lessen competition in the market.

NORWAY: Retailer NorgesGruppen margins dip amid competition

26 Mar 2013

NorgesGruppen, Norway's largest retailer, saw sales and profits increase in 2012 but reported lower margins amid "tough" competition in the country's grocery sector.

Interview: Full steam ahead for Hakon with ICA deal

12 Feb 2013

Sweden-based retailer ICA now has one owner after Ahold, the Dutch retail giant and its largest shareholder, sold out to venture partner Hakon Invest, the Swedish investment fund. Michelle Russell spoke with Hakon CFO Göran Blomberg about Hakon's strategy for the business and the benefits he hopes the deal will bring.

just-food's outlook for 2013: Mega deals unlikely as consolidation continues

31 Jan 2013

There may be caution over the prospect for blockbuster deals in a dilapidated economic environment, but the food sector mergers and acquisitions table still has plenty to whet the appetite.

DENMARK: Norgesgruppen tie-up with Dagrofa to boost efficiency - CEO

24 Jan 2013

Norway-based retailer Norgesgruppen has taken a stake in Danish retailer Dagrofa in a bid to improve the efficiency of its operations in Denmark, CEO Per Roskifte told just-food this morning (24 January).

UPDATE: NORWAY: 350 jobs lost through ICA, Norgesgruppen deal

14 Jan 2013

Retailer ICA has confirmed that 350 jobs will be lost in Norway as a result of its cooperation agreement with Nordic retailer Norgesgruppen.

NORWWAY: ICA, Norgesgruppen in sourcing, distribution tie-up

14 Jan 2013

Retailers ICA and Norgesgruppen have entered a cooperation agreement that will see the two groups join forces in the areas of sourcing and distribution.

NORWAY: Norgesgruppen H1 profits, sales rise

31 Aug 2012

Norway-based retailer Norgesgruppen has reported rises in both sales and profits for the first half of its fiscal year.

In the spotlight: Orkla praised for Rieber deal despite high price

22 Aug 2012

Orkla, the Norwegian conglomerate with interests in aluminium and finance as well as pizza and chocolate, wants to focus on consumer goods. This week, Orkla agreed to buy local food group Rieber & Son and, although analysts expressed misgivings at the price it paid, they believe it is a sensible move from the company. Dean Best reports.

NORWAY: Norgesgruppen exec Theie to join rival retailer ICA

25 Jan 2012

A senior executive at Norwegian retail giant Norgesgruppen is to join Swedish rival ICA to lead the company's business in Norway.

NORWAY: Orkla sells Bakers unit to NorgesGruppen

18 Nov 2011

Norwegian conglomerate Orkla has sold its Bakers unit to local retailer and wholesaler NorgesGruppen.

Talking shop: Demystifying the Norwegian grocery sector

15 Apr 2011

The Norwegian government has released a report outlining its concerns around the highly consolidated nature of the country's grocery retail sector. The report claims that retailers are able to exert excessive influence on suppliers and is seeking legislation to redress the balance. Petah Marian reports.

NORWAY: Government seeks to legislate grocery retail sector

15 Apr 2011

A report produced for the Norwegian government has found a "strong change" in the power that retailers have over their suppliers - and the country's ministers are now seeking legislation to "ensure fairness in negotiations and good trade practices".

NORWAY: NorgesGruppen CEO exits as profits rise

5 Apr 2011

The chief executive of NorgesGruppen has stepped down from the helm of the Norwegian retailer as the company booked rising sales and profits for fiscal 2010.

NORWAY: Retailers Bunnpris, Rema 1000 sign purchasing deal

21 Oct 2010

Norwegian retailers Bunnpris and Rema 1000 have announced a purchasing and distribution partnership.

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