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Simon Harvey | 21 Nov 2018

Norway-based meat processor Nortura has announced a senior executive's resignation following its latest set of earnings results. | 16 Feb 2018

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Dean Best | 21 Jun 2017

Nortura CEO Arne Kristian Kolberg has said he is "satisfied" with the Norway-based meat processor's performance in the first third of its financial year.

Katy Askew | 27 Feb 2017

Norwegian meat group Nortura is launching a line of vegetarian alternatives to meat, called MEATish. 

John Shepherd | 9 Dec 2016

Food manufacturers in Norway have signed a pact with the country's government that sets "specific targets" for the reduction of sugar, salt and saturated fats in products in a bid to promote "healthier diets".

Katy Askew | 1 Jun 2016

Nortura, the Norwegian meat group, revealed today (1 June) that cost management and improved productivity lifted its performance in the first four months of the year. h

Katy Askew | 18 Feb 2016

Nortura reported an increase in sales and operating profit for 2015 despite what the Norwegian meat group termed "challenging market conditions". 

Katy Askew | 3 Feb 2016

Norwegian meat group Nortura plans to integrate its red and white meat production to build the "foundation for more efficient operations" through knowledge sharing and economies of scale. 

Hannah Abdulla | 11 Dec 2015

Norweigian meat group Nortura has announced it is cutting the number of poultry manufacturers it works with due to an oversupply of chicken.

Dean Best | 12 Oct 2015

Nestle's "advanced" talks to put the bulk of its ice cream business into a venture with the UK's R&R Ice Cream was the week's stand-out M&A story, while regulatory developments - the TPP trade deal, food safety rules in China and US dietary guidelines - caught the eye elsewhere.

Dean Best | 6 Oct 2015

Nortura, the Norway-based meat products group, has reported a decline in profitability for the four months to the end of August, hit by "challenging" conditions in the poultry sector.

Dean Best | 5 Oct 2015

Norway has outlined a bid to cut salt consumption by 15% by 2018, with the country's government and manufacturers including Orkla and Nortura announcing plans to work on the issue.

Dean Best | 26 May 2015

South Africa's Tiger Brands grabbed the headlines this week with news of the over-stating of sales at its Kenyan arm inflating local profits last year. Elsewhere, Ireland's Total Produce lifted its earnings forecast and said it was on the look-out for more M&A. UK meat group Cranswick reported mixed annual results.

Hannah Abdulla | 15 May 2015

Norway-based meat group Nortura is launching a range of "healthy" products, in a bid to double the number of its products that contain less fat, salt, sugar or more fibre.

Katy Askew | 14 Apr 2015

Nordic food group Nortura plans to double the number of its products that adhere to the keyhole labelling scheme in the region in a bid to "take a clearer position" in the health and wellness sector.

Hannah Abdulla | 24 Mar 2015

Norwegian meat processor Nortura has announced it is moving production from three of its plants in Norway to other sites in the business, a move that will affect 54 staff.

Katy Askew | 12 Feb 2015

Norwegian meat processor Nortura registered an increase in sales and earnings during 2014.

Hannah Abdulla | 2 Dec 2014

Norwegian meat processor Nortura is rolling out a project that aims to raise antibiotic-free chickens.

Hannah Abdulla | 22 Aug 2014

Norwegian meat producer Nortura has had its move to acquire slaughterhouse assets from local peer Prima Gruppen blocked by the country's competition authority.

Hannah Abdulla | 4 Jun 2014

Norweigen food firm Nortura has announced steps toward supporting the Ministry of Health's moves toward healthier consumption and has pledged to reduce "large amounts of salts" from its range.

Michelle Russell | 24 Jan 2013

Norway's largest food company Nortura has appointed Arne Kristian Kolberg as CEO.

Simon Haydon | 19 Mar 2008

Norway’s largest food company Nortura has hailed Lidl’s exit from the country as a “victory” for the local food industry.

Simon Haydon | 21 Feb 2008

Norway’s biggest meat and egg company Nortura is to axe up to 850 jobs after booking unsatisfactory 2007 results.

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