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New products – Impossible Foods developing milk alternative; Chobani takes oat drink blend to Australia; Banza moves into frozen pizza; Laird Superfood enters snacks category

23 Oct 2020

The week's stand-out product moves include dairy-free alternatives from Impossible Foods and Chobani, and meat-free pork pies from Addo Food.

New products - Dr Oetker's Chicago Town pizza enters chilled aisle; Sweet Earth's Awesome Burger hits US; Delimax-Montpak debuts Fontaine Family range; Tesco debuts Plant Chef

27 Sep 2019

This week's batch of new products includes a new plant-based range from Ireland's Kerry Foods and Tesco.

New products - Granarolo debuts La Merenda della Lola snack kit for kids; Perfetti van Melle expands Mentos brand; Gressingham launches venison, wild boar range; Dole unveils salad kit line in the US

18 Apr 2019

This week's batch of new products includes a range of Mentos chewy mints from Perfetti van Melle, and a new kids' snack kit range from Italy's Grnarolo.

New Products - Nomadic unveils on-the-go Lovely Live Yogurt range; Nestle launches Nesquik Alphabet cereal in Spain; Kellogg introduces Hi Happy Inside cereal; Conagra Brands rolls out on-the-go Evol meal bowls

16 Nov 2018

This week's news includes new products from companies including Nestle, Kellogg, Saputo and Hormel, taking in markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

Perfetti Van Melle ties up licensing deal with Angry Birds owner

31 May 2018

Italian confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle has signed a licensing deal with Finnish games company and Angry Birds brand owner Rovio Entertainment.

Sainsbury's baby food range; Kraft Heinz launches Jif Jaf biscuits for China; Mentos goes sugar-free with Stay Free mints; Perky Jerky moves into pork

27 Apr 2018

just-food publishes the most notable product development from the international food sector, presented in bitesize format to give you a flavour of the innovation from your peers and competitors announced this week.

Perfetti Van Melle to expand Erlanger plant in US

31 Mar 2017

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle is to expand its production plant in the US state of Kentucky after seeing its sales in the country grow in recent years.

Perfetti Van Melle admits China likely to have weighed on 2016 sales

25 Jan 2017

Dutch-Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle expects to report a rise in sales on an organic basis in 2016 but admitted the slowdown in the Chinese economy had dampened its growth.

Sugar focus for Perfetti Van Melle's Fruittella NPD in UK

18 Jan 2017

Dutch-Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has launched a line of sugar-free and reduced-sugar candy products in the UK under its Fruitella brand.

Perfetti Van Melle adds to Chupa Chups range in India

4 Nov 2016

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle has added to the range of products sold under its Chupa Chups brand in India with the launch of products available in other markets.

Perfetti Van Melle launches Chupa Chups in India

10 Aug 2016

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle launches one of its flagship brands, Chupa Chups, in India.

Perfetti Van Melle to sell Mentos through Amazon Dash in US

2 Aug 2016

Confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle has added Amazon Dash to its sales tools for its Mentos brand in the US.

Perfetti van Melle, Unilever to launch Chupa Chups ice creams

2 Mar 2016

Unilever is launching a range of Chupa Chups branded ice creams under license from Perfetti van Melle. 

Indonesia - The sweet and sour of the confectionery market

1 Oct 2015

Indonesia's confectionery sector is predicted to grow in a big way. By 2018 it is forecast to be worth US$2.6bn up from US$1.37bn in 2013. But with local players dominating the scene thanks to their knowledge of local tastes and the ability to offer cheaper options, international players looking to get in on the action may struggle. Hannah Abdulla explores

M&A Watch - Could Cloetta be takeover target?

26 May 2015

With a new CEO at Cloetta, the European confectioner has already faced questions about its possible acquisition targets. However, Stefan Kirk, just-food M&A columnist and advisor at Glenboden, believes the company could itself be on the radar.

Perfetti Van Melle launches Chupa Chups chews

8 Apr 2015

Perfetti Van Melle has launched a range of chewy sweets under its Chupa Chups brand in the UK.

Perfetti Van Melle adds to Center Fresh gum range in India

4 Mar 2015

Perfetti Van Melle has developed a new Center Fresh chewing gum line in India the confectioner claimed will give "long-lasting freshness" to consumers.

Perfetti Van Melle to lay off 49 Spanish workers

12 Dec 2014

Confectioner Perfetti Van Melle is cutting 49 positions from its Spanish workforce.

Food industry quotes of the week: BRF, United Biscuits, Raisio

21 Nov 2014

This week, we published interviews with senior executives from Brazilian food giant BRF as it embarks on international expansion. Elsewhere, staff at United Biscuits' Aintree factory in Liverpool pushed forward with strike action and Finnish group Raisio secured control of Benecol in the UK, Ireland and Belgium.

Wrigley moves to block Perfetti Van Melle "WTF" trademark

20 Nov 2014

Wrigley, the gum business owned by US confectioner Mars Inc., has moved to block rival Perfetti Van Melle's application to register "WTF" as a trademark in the US.

The rise of Vietnam: The sweet road to success

12 Jun 2014

The confectionery sector in Vietnam - chocolate, sugar and gum combined - is predicted to hit US$388m in market value by 2017, presenting an array of opportunities for confectionery firms - both local and international. But with an increasing focus on health issues and continued challenges in distribution, just how can a player in this sector seal success? Hannah Abdulla explores.

Confectionery: BRICs and beyond: China a sweet spot for gum makers

24 Mar 2014

Chewing gum manufacturers have seen sales come under pressure in developed markets in North America and Europe but other parts of the world are providing growth - and China is one such market. Dean Best reports.

CHINA: Perfetti Van Melle partners with Beanstalk in Chupa Chups China push

14 Mar 2014

Perfetti Van Melle has appointed Beanstalk as its exclusive licensing agency in Greater China, in a move that will extend the Chupa Chups brand out beyond the confectionery sector in the market.

ITALY: Perfetti Van Melle's Suneja named CEO

7 Aug 2013

Dutch-Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has appointed its head of global innovations and business development to the role of group CEO.

BRICs and beyond: Hershey wisely goes local in China

30 May 2013

Hershey, long criticised for the slow speed with which it entered faster-growing confectionery markets, has seen sales jump in China in recent years on the back of its homegrown chocolate brands. However, chocolate is not China's largest confectionery sector and competition is fierce. Hershey has wisely launched a candy brand targeted at Chinese consumers. Candy is crowded, too, but as, Dean Best writes, the move demonstrates the company knows products tailored to local needs could help it gain ground faster.

MYANMAR: Perfetti Van Melle signs DKSH deal for Myanmar entry

23 Nov 2012

Dutch-Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle has signed a marketing, sales and distribution deal with global market expansion firm DKSH for the launch of its products into Myanmar.

Profile: Mondelez takes place on starting block

1 Oct 2012

As Kraft Foods completes the formal split of its business into two units today (1 October), Mondelez has its eye firmly on its growth strategy. The firm has set out a comprehensive agenda of what it wants to achieve. Michelle Russell reports on the path that Mondelez has chosen and how it hopes to drive sales growth for years to come.

BRICs and beyond: Hershey hopes for sweeter future in India

28 Sep 2012

Hershey's passage into India has proved anything but smooth but clearly the US confectionery giant is a believer in perseverance.

In the spotlight: Hershey's international ambition

29 Jun 2012

Hershey this week outlined what some saw as its clearest vision for international markets. The US confectioner still generates the bulk of its sales and profits overseas but wants to expand abroad. Can it succeed? Dean Best reports.

UK: Perfetti van Melle adds to Mentos gum range

8 Feb 2012

Perfetti van Melle has extended its Mentos 3 Layers gum range in the UK with the addition of a third variant.


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