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GERMANY/SWITZERLAND: Quorn linked to severe asthma attack

30 May 2003

Doctors in Germany and Switzerland have given details of a patient who suffered a severe asthma attack and skin reaction hours after eating the popular meat substitute Quorn.

UK: AstraZeneca sells Quorn to Montagu Private Equity

27 May 2003

Anglo-Swedish pharmaceuticals group AstraZeneca has sold Quorn, a leading brand of vegetarian meat-substitute products, to Montagu Private Equity for £70m (US$115.1m). AstraZeneca put Marlow Foods, which makes and distributes Quorn, up for sale a year ago, when the business was estimated to be worth around £100m, reported the Financial Times.

IFE 2003: Innovative new food and drinks products show NPD is alive and well

31 Mar 2003

More than 1,400 international food and drink companies gathered at London’s Excel for the 13th International Food and Drink Exhibition from 23-26 March. A number of companies used the show to launch new lines, while others were seeking a toehold in the UK or European markets. just-food.com’s Hugh Westbrook jostled his way through the crowds to try and find some unusual new products.

Building a brand in foodservice

25 Apr 2002

How many foodservice brands have adequately addressed consumer concerns over food scares such as BSE and foot and mouth or terrorist attacks? Strong brands are increasingly essential, and Clare Harman learned from the experts the importance of building and maintaining that elusive key to a successful foodservice business.

USA: Consumer group claims Quorn is deceptively labelled

8 Apr 2002

Health advocacy group the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has filed complaints with the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the European Commission (EC) over what it claims are the deceptive labelling and advertising of the Quorn line of fungus-based meat substitutes. 

USA: Quorn hits US supermarket shelves, a rival to soy?

20 Mar 2002

A fake meat that is made from fungus, but looks and tastes like chicken, has arrived in US supermarkets. In Europe, the meat substitute rivals soy burgers and similar products in popularity. “Known as mycoprotein, it is marketed under the trade name Quorn and made into a variety of products, including chicken-like nuggets, lasagna and fetticcine Alfredo – even as alternative to ground beef, called ‘grounds’”, according to a report by CNN.

USA: Quorn meat substitute readies for US launch

10 Jan 2002

The Food and Drug Administration has given approval for a launch of Quorn Foods ’ meat substitute products in the US. First launched in Europe in 1998, Quorn claims to be “the first new food since the potato” and it has become a US$150m business. The company argues that the fermented-mushroom chicken meat substitutes products are based on a patented protein that creates a more realistic taste and texture than the soy-based products currently dominating the market.

WORLD: New food product introductions from around the world

27 Jun 2001

Mintel's Global New Products Database has seen many exciting new food product launches from May 2001. Cakes get biscuit & chocolate taste Two brands, from biscuits and confectionery, are being extended into the UK cakes market.  The Galaxy chocolate countline brand from Mars is being added to McVitie's range of cake muffins.  It joins the likes of Jaffa Cakes muffins and M&M's brownie.  Also, Jammie Dodgers biscuits from Burton's Biscuits are coming out in a cake variety distributed by Lowthers Cakes.  It is not the first time the biscuits have been extended.  In the past we have seen Jammie Dodgers fruit gums (back in 1999), and dipping biscuit sticks with a separate jam sauce (in 2000).

Vegetarian and Meat-Free Foods

11 Dec 2000

The UK market for vegetarian and meat-free foods has boomed over the last decade, and shows no signs of stopping. It is much easier to be a vegetarian these days; long gone is the time when vegetables were the only choice. What is driving this growth, and how can manufacturers stay one step ahead?

Consumers find GM foods hard to swallow

6 May 1999

Post-BSE consumers are very distrusting New research by Taylor Nelson Sofres' Audience Selection service confirms that retailers and manufacturers have a long way to go when it comes to persuading people that genetically modified food is the way forward. Of those questioned 62 per cent said they






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