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GERMANY: Rewe to merge business units

21 Aug 2009

German retail giant Rewe is to merge two of its business units in a bid to create “more efficient structures”, the company said today (21 August).

GERMANY: Rewe disposes of Polish Billa stores

3 Aug 2009

German retail giant Rewe has sold 25 of its Billa stores in Poland to French retailer Leclerc.

UPDATE: GERMANY: Supply issues behind Delhaize woes

14 Jul 2009

An inefficient supply chain was a central factor in the losses incurred by Belgium-based retailer Delhaize in Germany, industry sources have told just-food.

GERMANY: Delhaize deal "to boost Rewe in west"

14 Jul 2009

Rewe claimed today (14 July) that its acquisition of four supermarkets from Belgium's Delhaize will boost its network in the west of Germany.

GERMANY: Delhaize to sell German stores to Rewe

14 Jul 2009

Delhaize, the Belgium-based retailer, today (14 July) detailed plans to quit the German market with the sale of its stores in the country to Rewe.

GERMANY: Grocers "foolish" to go cool on supermarkets - study

6 Jul 2009

Germany's food retailers would be "foolish" to cut spending on their supermarket chains even as they navigate an economy in recession, analysts BMI have claimed.

GERMANY: Rewe's Penny cuts prices again

3 Jul 2009

Penny, Rewe Group's discount chain, has launched its latest swathe of price cuts as Germany's notoriously price-driven market sees competition intensify.

GERMANY: Rewe eyes 30% cut in CO2 emissions

29 Jun 2009

German retailer Rewe Group has set itself the target of reducing carbon emissions by 30% from their current level of 2.5m tonnes per year by 2015.

GERMANY: Rewe eyes premium push

26 Jun 2009

German retailer Rewe is preparing to launch a line of premium own label products this autumn.

Top stories on just-food this week

12 Jun 2009

This week, UK retail took centre stage when just-food attended an event organised by the British Retail Consortium in London.

GERMANY/SWITZ: Rewe, Coop abort director plans

12 Jun 2009

The two chief executives of German retail giant Rewe Group and Swiss counterpart Coop have been forced to pull the plug on plans to sit on each company's board of directors.

GERMANY: Rewe expands Penny international management

10 Jun 2009

German retailer Rewe Group has announced plans to expand the leadership team overseeing the international operations of its Penny discount arm.

GERMANY: Rewe claims "record" 2008 earnings

9 Jun 2009

Rewe Group, the Germany-based retail giant, today (9 June) claimed “record” annual profits after seeing sales jumped by more than 10%.

CZECH: Rewe expands Czech operations

26 May 2009

German retailer Rewe Group will invest at least EUR100m (US$138.9m) to open 100 new Penny Market stores in the Czech Republic over the next three to five years.

RUSSIA: Rewe pushes on with Russian expansion

20 May 2009

Rewe Group, the German retail giant, said today (20 May) that it plans to open 20 more stores in Russia this year to continue its expansion in the country.

GERMAY: Rewe appoints Penny purchasing chief

6 May 2009

German retailer Rewe Group has appointed a buying director for its Penny discount chain.

POLAND: Rewe quashes Tesco acquisition reports

28 Apr 2009

Rewe, the Germany-based retailer, has denied reports that UK retail giant Tesco is looking to acquire 24 of its Billa stores in Poland.

UPDATE: POLAND: Tesco tight-lipped on Poland "takeovers"

28 Apr 2009

UK retail giant Tesco has refused to comment on reports it is looking to takeover a number of Netto and Billa stores in Poland.

GERMANY: Rewe to open 260 stores across Germany

27 Apr 2009

Rewe, the Germany-based retailer, said it plans to open 260 stores across its domestic market this year.

Russia's grocers can withstand economic slump

9 Mar 2009

Russia's economy, buoyed in recent years by the country's vast natural resources, kicked off 2009 with something of a whimper. Nevertheless, there is the feeling that Russia's food retail sector could provide a beacon of hope in a tough wider global food market in 2009.

The Retail Summit 2009 - live from Prague

4 Feb 2009

This week, just-food is in Prague, the Czech capital, as some of the leading lights in the region's food manufacturing and food retail industries discuss the prospects for the sectors in central and Eastern Europe.

ITALY: Southern Italy “focus” for Penny stores

19 Jan 2009

Germany-based retailer Rewe said Southern Italy will be its “focal point” for the expansion of the company’s Penny discount chain in the country in 2009.

GERMANY: Rewe revamps international structure

13 Jan 2009

Rewe, the Germany-based retailer, has revamped the way it organises its businesses outside its domestic market and created a single unit to oversee its operations in Italy, Austria and Eastern Europe.




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