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Dean Best | 16 Aug 2017

Germany-based confectioner August Storck is to launch wafer-based confectionery brand Knoppers in the UK, targeting parents and children at the start of the new school term next month.

Dean Best | 6 Sep 2016

DKSH, the Asian sales and marketing agency, has snapped up a majority stake in Chinese e-commerce distributor Shanghai Sweets International.

Hannah Abdulla | 8 Sep 2014

Danone CEO Franck Riboud surprised this market this week with his decision to step down from the role after 18 years. Elsewhere, a report into the UK food supply chain was published, while KP Snacks announced it is mulling the closure of two of its UK plants.

Hannah Abdulla | 5 Sep 2014

German confectioner and snack maker Storck has announced plans to expand operations at its plant in Ohrdruf in central Germany. | 21 Apr 2011

Newly appointed Tesco CEO Philip Clarke's first outing as head of the world's third largest retailer garnered the most attention this week. He said that he plans to be more open, and in that spirit suggested its UK operations "can do better". Meanwhile, Nestle acquired a stake in Chinese food and drink manufacturer Yinlu. Here's the best of what was said this week: | 18 Apr 2011

German confectioner Storck has confirmed plans to close its Bendicks mint chocolate plant in the UK. | 7 Mar 2011

German confectioner Storck is considering moving production of Bendicks mint chocolates out of the UK and into its domestic market.

Keith Nuthall | 20 Dec 2010

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli cannot trademark the shape and golden wrapping (with associated bell and ribbon) of its signature rabbit and reindeer chocolates.

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