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Dean Best | 10 Dec 2018

Tönnies, the Germany-based meat giant, has added to its business in the UK through the acquisition of a local sausage maker.

just-food.com | 18 Apr 2018

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Dean Best | 13 Sep 2017

Germany-based meat giant Tönnies Group has received regulatory clearance to acquire three facilities that were part of the insolvent local peer Lutz Fleischwaren.

Dean Best | 10 Jul 2017

The EU has cleared a move by the shareholders of Germany-based meat giant Tönnies Group to take ownership of a range of local processing peers.

John Shepherd | 3 May 2017

German meat giant Toennies is to acquire meat products peer Marten through processing subsidiary Zur Muehlen Gruppe.

John Shepherd | 16 Mar 2017

German meat giant Tönnies said yesterday (15 March) the group increased sales in 2016.

Dean Best | 10 Aug 2016

German meat giant Tönnies is to shift some of the production at Danish arm Tican to sites in its home market and to the UK.

Hannah Abdulla | 18 Apr 2016

German meat processor Toennies has confirmed plans to increase its meat production capacity, group-wide.

Dean Best | 5 Apr 2016

Tönnies, the German meat giant, has reported flat sales for 2015, dampened by a decline in pork prices.

Barbara Bierach | 25 Feb 2016

Germany's leading meat processor Tönnies Lebensmittel has agreed to take over up to ten state-owned pig breeding businesses in Serbia, giving the company an additional supply capacity of up to 700,000 animals.

Dean Best | 26 Jan 2016

Tönnies, the Germany-based meat processor, and French agrifood business The Avril Group are to set up a plant in north-west France through their new venture.

Hannah Abdulla | 12 Jan 2016

German meat processor Tönnies has confirmed it is going to stop production at the Thomsen plant in Bad Bramstedt at the end of January.

Hannah Abdulla | 11 Nov 2015

Tican has agreed to sell the shares of its pig slaughtering and meat processing business to German food company Tonnies.

Dean Best | 30 Oct 2015

The Avril Group, the French agri-food business, is teaming up with German meat giant Tonnies to develop products made with French meat.

Hannah Abdulla | 25 Mar 2015

German meat processor Tonnies Group has completed the acquisition of pork processor Rüdiger Thomsen Schlacht- und Zerlegebetriebe.

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