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just-food.com | 15 Dec 2017

just-food presents the key metrics from company financials in bitesize format, with analyst insight and social media comment alongside graphs illustrating a business' historical performance to give you an easy-to-read digest of the numbers you need to know.

Dean Best | 20 Mar 2017

French food group Tipiak saw its net earnings rise in 2016 but its operating income slide despite higher sales.

Dean Best | 30 Jan 2017

Tipiak, the French food group, saw its sales rise in 2016, helped by the "very strong" growth of products sold under its namesake brand in the country's supermarket channel.

John Shepherd | 21 Oct 2016

French food group Tipiak has booked a 2.2% increase in nine-month sales following what it said was a period of "moderate cumulative growth".

Dean Best | 3 Oct 2016

Tipiak, the French food group, has reported a first-half loss of EUR1.4m, higher than it recorded in the first six months of 2015, despite a rise in sales.

Dean Best | 6 Sep 2016

Tipiak, the French food group, has reported higher first-half sales, with growth in both the first and second quarters but the company saw its top-line expansion decelerate in the second quarter.

Katy Askew | 29 Apr 2016

French food group Tipiak reported higher first-quarter sales, with growth led by expansion of the firm's chilled and frozen business. 

Dean Best | 21 Mar 2016

Tipiak, the French food group, saw sales and earnings rise in 2015 - but the growth in its top and bottom lines was below the company's forecasts for the year.

Dean Best | 13 Oct 2015

Tipiak, the French food group, wants to exports grow rapidly in the next three years, the dry and frozen goods maker has said.

Dean Best | 11 Sep 2015

Tipiak, the French food group, has stuck to its targets for earnings to grow 6% despite posting a first-half loss.

Dean Best | 27 Mar 2015

French food group Tipiak expects sales and net income to rise again in 2015, CFO Jean-Joseph Schiehle has told just-food.

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