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Chris Lyddon | 23 Feb 2006

Faced with a clamour to do something about unhealthy eating, five big food manufacturers in the UK have announced a plan for front-of-pack nutrition labelling. The food industry is selling the move as good news for health conscious consumers, but not everyone’s happy. Chris Lyddon reports.

Katy Askew | 17 Jan 2006

The arrival of the administrators at Golden Wonder, the former leading crisp manufacturer and household brand name in the UK, last week provided the coup de grace for an iconic but struggling brand that has been left behind by market and competitor growth. Katy Humphries reports.

Catherine Sleep | 2 Nov 2005

The UK is a world leader in added value food and drink production and marketing. This does not mean it is immune to the threat, or opportunities, posed by sector consolidation. Since 2003 the UK food sector has seen over 150 receiverships, 200 deals and 300 businesses dissolve. Strength in size is the buzz around the industry and this looks unlikely to change. Catherine Sleep finds out more.

Hugh Westbrook | 24 Jan 2005

Limited edition flavours are seen by some companies as a way of expanding their customer base, while also keeping existing customers interested. Traditionally implemented in the treats and snacks market, how successful is the limited editions concept? Hugh Westbrook finds out.

Latest News

just-food.com | 23 Feb 2009

UK crisp maker Walkers has launched a range of ‘premium’ crisps in four flavours.

just-food.com | 16 Feb 2009

PepsiCo's UK crisp brand Walkers has managed to retain its Carbon Reduction label after reducing its carbon footprint by 7%.

just-food.com | 26 Jan 2009

PepsiCo has relaunched its Walkers Sensations range in the UK as part of an GBP11m (US$15.2m) spend on the brand.

just-food.com | 9 Jan 2009

PepsiCo’s UK crisp brand Walkers has unveiled the finalists of its “do us a flavour” competition, which called on consumers to come up with unique flavour suggestions.

just-food.com | 7 Jan 2009

UK crisp and snack manufacturer Walkers is adding a second flavour to its Wotsits range.

just-food.com | 24 Oct 2008

PepsiCo is to relaunch the Walkers festive crisp range in the UK, in a bid to boost Christmas sales.

just-food.com | 13 Oct 2008

Following last year’s bird flu health scares, Bernard Matthews lost 28% of its brand value, according to a survey listing the top 100 brands in the UK.

just-food.com | 24 Sep 2008

Brands that have emphasised health and nutrition have seen the biggest growth in sales this year, the latest Biggest Brand survey by TNS Worldpanel revealed today (24 September).

just-food.com | 13 Aug 2008

German discount retailer Aldi has said that independent research out today (13 August) supports its claim that its own-brand foods are "as good" as well-known household brands.

just-food.com | 12 Aug 2008

Walkers Snack Foods has withdrawn a limited number of Walkers crisps multipacks due to a possible risk of contamination.

just-food.com | 14 May 2008

Walkers has added smoky bacon flavour crisps to its Big Eat range this month to capitalise on its growing popularity in impulse channels.

just-food.com | 31 Mar 2008

UK crisp manufacturer Walkers has apologised for any offence caused by its latest television advert for Walkers Brit Trips.

just-food.com | 31 Mar 2008

UK crisp manufacturer Walkers has withdrawn a television advert after the Advertising Standards Authority received a number of complaints claiming that it was “offensive”.

just-food.com | 10 Jan 2008

Walkers, the UK crisp and snack manufacturer, is pouring GBP27m (US$52.9m) behind the brand this year, in a bid to encourage consumers to celebrate Britishness.

just-food.com | 5 Dec 2007

UK shortbread producer Walkers Shortbread is conducting a boadroom shake-up, with Peter Simpson stepping down as chairman.

just-food.com | 14 Nov 2007

US food and beverage giant PepsiCo today (14 November) moved to repeat its forecasts for 2007.

just-food.com | 5 Nov 2007

PepsiCo has decided to overhaul the way it run its business with the creation of three operating units.

just-food.com | 21 Aug 2007

Kellogg’s has been named as the leading grocery brand in the UK, according to a survey.

just-food.com | 27 Jul 2007

UK-based snack food group Walkers has created a key marketing role to push its “healthier” products.

just-food.com | 24 Jul 2007

PepsiCo has today (24 July) posted rising first-half sales and earnings thanks to “broad based” across its business.

just-food.com | 3 Jul 2007

Walkers Shortbread, the US subsidiary of the Scottish shortbread manufacturer of the same name, has appointed Steve Dawson as its president and CEO.

just-food.com | 14 Jun 2007

Walkers Shortbread has said that it is going to close its fresh goods bakery as part of a move to increase the profitability of its baking operations.

just-food.com | 7 Jun 2007

Walkers crisps is the UK’s most popular snack brand, according to research into the UK snack food market.

just-food.com | 20 Feb 2007

Toffee manufacturer Walkers has announced its intention to remove hydrogenated vegetable oils from its products, which already contain no artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or trans fats.

just-food.com | 30 Jan 2007

Swiss manufacturer Nestlé's move to cut the salt content of its Shreddies cereal brands by 15% is the latest example of a wider trend in the UK cereal sector, which has seen an array of manufacturers reduce the salt content of their cereals.

just-food.com | 6 Nov 2006

This month sees the launch of Weight Watchers cookie foodservice packs, which are designed to meet the needs of caterers.

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