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Simon Harvey | 12 Dec 2018

Loss-making Australian confectioner Yowie Group has created a new executive position of chief financial officer.

just-food.com | 31 Jan 2018

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Simon Harvey | 8 Jan 2018

Management troubles at Australian confectioner Yowie Group mounted after two directors stepped down, only days after a reshuffle at the top.

Simon Harvey | 3 Jan 2018

Australian confectioner Yowie Group has announced the departure of chief executive Bert Alfonso as the company slashed its full-year sales forecast.

Simon Harvey | 19 Oct 2017

Australian confectioner Yowie Group said its products will now be available at select Canadian retailers as the company builds on its expansion beyond its biggest market in the US.

Simon Harvey | 24 Aug 2017

Yowie Group posted a loss in fiscal 2017 despite a 51% increase in revenue as the Australian confectioner allocated funds to investment and marketing to develop its brand.

Helen Arnold | 21 Jun 2017

Yowie Group has again trimmed its forecast for annual sales - an estimate that is still for growth of 55% - with the Australia-based confectioner pointing to a delay in when it expects to book sales from its launch into Canada.

John Shepherd | 19 Apr 2017

Australia-listed confectioner Yowie Group has trimmed its forecast for its annual sales growth from a jump of 85% to one of 70%, despite reporting a "record" 50% sales increase for its third quarter.

John Shepherd | 1 Mar 2017

The executive chairman of Australia-listed confectioner Yowie Group, Wayne Loxton, has resigned "to pursue other business interests and opportunities".

Katy Askew | 6 Feb 2017

Australia-listed confectioner Yowie Group has announced its namesake Yowie chocolate brand is to return to the shelves in its domestic market. 

Dean Best | 26 Nov 2015

Yowie Group, the Australian confectionery firm, has struck a deal to sell a chocolate product using the Angry Birds brand in the US.

Dean Best | 9 Sep 2015

Yowie Group, the Australian confectionery firm, is starting on a national launch at Wal-Mart outlets across the US.

Katy Askew | 17 Sep 2014

Australian confectioner Yowie Group is progressing its strategy to drive overseas expansion with the launch of a trial in Wal-Mart stores in Texas.

Michelle Russell | 12 Nov 2013

Australian confectioner Yowie Group is to begin manufacturing production of its chocolate eggs in Florida later this month.

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