Rhodia introduces Govanil™

12 October 2012 | News | Source: just-food

Lyon, France - October 1, 2012: The new GovanilTM range of vanilla flavors from Rhodia Aroma Performance, a member of the Solvay group, is set to revolutionize consumer's taste sensation in bakery and confectionery industry food products such as biscuits, pastries, cookies, cakes, fillings and chocolates. 

Superior functional properties provide GovanilTM an unparalleled capacity for enhancing taste experience. The new vanilla flavor instantly reveals its unique and long-lasting character, an unmatched success in tests with expert tasting panels and pilot customers.

Combining a rare intensity - up to 20 percent higher when compared with standard vanilla flavors - and a note that provides a unique long-lasting effect on the palate, GovanilTM also significantly enriches a wide range of other notes, including butter, egg, biscuit, caramel and fruit which makes it particularly appealing for industrial bakery and confectionery recipes.

"GovanilTM originates from the all new CRFTM technology developed by our company," explains Dominique Giannotta, Project Director, Rhodia Aroma Performance. "CRFTM technology delivers a whole new set of value-added organoleptic enhancing properties."

Outstanding vanilla taste characteristics allows GovanilTM to compensate for fat or sugar content in bakery and confectionery recipes and therefore dramatically expands the range of possibilities for industrial food applications.

Dominique Giannotta, goes on to say, "As a major partner of the food industry for many years we have established a wealth of services designed to help optimize the utilization of our flagship brands and, to further support this, we recently inaugurated our new Vanil'Expert Center located at our R&D facilities in Saint Fons, France totally dedicated to the research and development of new vanilla flavors for industry professionals."

"Our company has made a qualitative leap forward with GovanilTM, the benchmark for vanilla flavors," says Dominique Rage, President Rhodia Aroma Performance. "GovanilTM is manufactured fully respecting our established food safety procedures and processes and confirms Rhodia's commitment to be the worldwide leading reference in vanilla flavors," he concluded.

Especially formulated for ease of implementation in bakery and confectionery industrial recipes the new benchmark range of GovanilTM vanilla flavors was exhaustively researched and tested to meet consumer's wide ranging taste preferences and already demonstrates outstanding results in cookies, petit beurre biscuit recipes, as well as in vanilla or chocolate fillings and in pastry creams.

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