Success with Caramel Flavors

11 May 2011 | Source: Synergy

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced food and beverage market, product development teams must work quickly and efficiently to create successful products. In this respect, working with caramel flavors isespecially challenging.

One of the key issues for developers is that caramel means many different things to different people. With no established standard of identity, and various unique caramel products in the market, people’s perceptions of what an end product should taste like can vary enormously.

If the desired flavor characteristics are not clearly specified at the outset of a project, then matching a caramel concept is particularly difficult. In this situation, developers often end up going through many sample iterations, all of which adds unnecessary time and expense in bringing a product to market.

The answer is to establish a common language that defines and describes caramel flavor characteristics. This vocabulary needs to be understood by all internal and external parties involved in the project, and rigorously applied throughout the development process.

This paper aims to help developers work more productively. First we look at caramel, its flavor and applications, and today’s market.

Using results from focus group surveys, we then set out a practical guide to identifying the characteristics that can act as a base line for a common frame of reference.

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