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Maple Leaf and listeria 26 Aug 2008

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Maple Leaf Foods has already shown signs of wilting as it presses on with a major restructuring. And the outlook for the company has not got any brighter amid the ongoing listeria scare in Canada, but could its proactive stance in dealing with the outbreak protect it from the worst of any fall in consumer confidence? Dean Best reports.

Marketing to kids: US debate heats up 20 Aug 2008

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Campaigners and industry advocates agree that the recently-published report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US on the marketing of food to children is one of the most thorough examinations of the current landscape of this area of food promotion. However, the report’s strong endorsement of self-regulation has not surprisingly divided opinion. Ben Cooper reports.

Brazil's buoyant food market 18 Aug 2008

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As the Brazilian economy develops, consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how and what they buy. According to a new report from just-food, the growth forecast for the Brazilian packaged food market over the next five years offers huge potential for both domestic and international investors. Ben Cooper reports.

Heinz eyeing Campbell? 14 Aug 2008

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Heinz has signalled that it is on the acquisition hunt, having built up a sizeable war chest to fuel growth. At yesterday’s (13 August) AGM, the Pittsburgh-based ketchup maker hinted that US soup giant Campbell Soup Co could be one of the targets in its sights. Katy Humphries reports.

Tesco enters India 12 Aug 2008

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Tesco has unveiled plans to enter the Indian retail market by establishing a wholesale business in Mumbai. The UK-retailer has also inked a deal to help expand Tata Group’s hypermarket chain Star Bazaar. While Tesco’s level of investment remains relatively small, the move clearly sets the stage for future expansion into India’s burgeoning organised retail sector. Katy Humphries reports.

Australia's grocery probe 8 Aug 2008

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The recently published Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) inquiry into competition in the Australian grocery sector has been heavily criticised by independent retailers and suppliers while more positive reaction has been fairly muted in tone. Ben Cooper reports.

US food safety under microscope 6 Aug 2008

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Last week, two days of hearings into the largest salmonella outbreak in the US for ten years brought the issue into sharp relief and uncovered some very serious criticisms made of and by the food standards watchdog. Katy Humphries reports.

Just the Answer - Bernard Matthews 4 Aug 2008

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Bernard Matthews, the UK turkey business, has taken a battering over the past few years. From the fall-out over Jamie Oliver’s push to improve school dinners to the outbreak of bird flu at the group’s turkey farm in Norfolk, the company moved from one PR catastrophe to the next and consumers began to turn away from this icon of British food. Last week, Bernard Matthews relaunched its brand with a new look and new message. Katy Humphries spoke with marketing director Matthew Pullen on how the com

The UK push to tackle obesity 31 Jul 2008

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The Advertising Association announced last week that a coalition of food producers, retailers, media groups and other companies is backing the Government’s healthy eating strategy to the tune of GBP200m (US$396m). Industry believes it can make a unique contribution to communicating the healthy eating message. Campaigners are not so sure. Ben Cooper reports.

The race for China's dairy market 29 Jul 2008

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China’s expanding dairy sector offers substantial growth potential for international dairy groups, many of which have already established a foothold in the country. However, writes Mark Godfrey from Beijing, progress has been slower than might have been predicted with local companies proving to be stout competition, while new legislation introduced this year will increase the cost of entry for international groups.

In the Spotlight - Maple Leaf Foods 25 Jul 2008

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When Michael McCain stepped into the Maple Leaf boardroom in the late 1990s after his family took a controlling stake in the Canadian food group it seems unlikely that he could have been aware of the challenges that lay ahead. The company, which is in the midst of a major overhaul to address the structural shortcomings of its meat and bakery business, is struggling to tread water in the current climate of high costs and declining consumer spending. And while McCain remains upbeat on the Maple Le

Just the Answer - Mars Food 23 Jul 2008

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Mars Food, the US giant's non-confectionery arm in the UK, has just undertaken its first new product launch for nine years, with the introduction of the Asian ready meal concept, PurAsia. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Michelle Russell spoke with Mars Food marketing director Paul Aikens about the launch, the Asian ready meals category and ‘gastrosexual’ consumers.

EU, additives and labelling 21 Jul 2008

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A measure recently agreed in the European Parliament which will see the introduction of mandatory warning labels on foods containing colourings linked to hyperactivity in children provides a further twist in the long-running additives debate. Ben Cooper reports on the reaction of key stakeholders to the latest development.

The Co-op snaps up Somerfield 16 Jul 2008

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The Co-operative Group has sealed the takeover of fellow UK retailer Somerfield in a deal worth just under GBP1.6bn (US$3.2bn).

Ahold's US revamp 11 Jul 2008

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John Rishton, the boss of retail giant Ahold, this week reshuffled his management bench amid the company's continuing quest to overhaul its business in the US. The Netherlands-based group insists its plans to revitalise chains including Stop & Shop and Giant-Carlisle are on-track but some industry watchers are questioning whether the business can thrive as competition heats up across the Atlantic. Dean Best reports.

Ethics and cocoa 9 Jul 2008

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This month marks an important stage in efforts by the international cocoa industry to tackle child and forced labour in its supply chain. Ben Cooper reports on the progress towards meeting undertakings made under the Harkin-Engel Protocol and the work of the International Cocoa Initiative, a multi-stakeholder partnership initiated under the Protocol and working on the ground in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Can Marks regain its spark? 3 Jul 2008

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The gloomy trading update from Marks & Spencer yesterday (2 July) sent its share price plunging and shudders through the UK retail sector. With food sales falling by more than 4%, the head of its food business leaving the company and concerns over how an upmarket food retailer can appeal to ever-more price-conscious consumers, analysts have had their say on the outlook for the business. Here's a selection of the key quotes from industry watchers.

The globalisation of food retail 1 Jul 2008

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The retail world is becoming a globalised one. As a new report from just-food demonstrates, the likes of Wal-Mart and Carrefour have been busy building their businesses worldwide - but they are now encountering powerful, home-grown retailers in the race for the gold-rush in emerging markets.

Just the Answer - Organic Alliance 26 Jun 2008

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Responding to the ever-growing demand for organic foods, former Procter & Gamble and Pepsi USA executive Tom Morrison recently launched Organic Alliance, a company that sources organic produce and sells it on to large food companies and retailers. In this month’s Just the Answer interview Morrison, now CEO of Organic Alliance, spoke to Katy Humphries about the company, its vision and strategy.

Bunge boosts global reach 24 Jun 2008

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The move from US agribusiness giant Bunge to buy smaller peer Corn Products International may have got a cool response from the market yesterday (23 June) but the deal will benefit both companies - and give their customers, the global packaged food giants, plenty of food for thought. Dean Best and Katy Humphries report.

CIES World Food Business Summit - Munich 18 Jun 2008

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just-food reports on the latest happenings at the CIES World Food Business Summit, where the food sector's leading figures have met to discuss the issues affecting the global industry. Read on to discover what has been said...

The just-food interview - IAWS 16 Jun 2008

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With food firms of all sizes feeling the pinch from commodity prices, it would be easy to see the merger between bakery groups IAWS and Hiestand as a way of better absorbing rising costs. However, in this month's just-food interview, IAWS chief operating officer Hugo Kane tells Dean Best that the deal is more about growing two successful businesses.

US tomato salmonella scare 12 Jun 2008

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With concern over food safety mounting in the US, the salmonella outbreak sweeping the tomato sector has shaken consumer confidence - and added fuel to the debate over the effectiveness of the US Food and Drug Administration. Dean Best reports on why a more open FDA is still facing flak.

Romanian Retail 10 Jun 2008

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In spite of its relatively poor infrastructure and high inflation, Romania is attracting significant inward investment from major international retailers such as Carrefour and Metro. Mark Rowe reports.

M&S brand move under scrutiny 6 Jun 2008

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As Marks & Spencer reported its year-end results last month, the UK retailer also announced that it planned to introduce branded goods into some of its stores on a trial basis. With the pilot project now underway, Ben Cooper reports on a move that runs counter both to long-standing principles at M&S and current trends in the grocery market.

Europe's dairy farmers strike 4 Jun 2008

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European farmers have launched a delivery boycott in protest at the falling price of milk and rising production costs. However, with dairy companies, retailers and consumers all feeling the pinch from rising energy and food costs tough negotiations could be in store. Katy Humphries reports.

Heinz bounces back 2 Jun 2008

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Rising costs and weak consumer spending is hitting much of the US food industry but one company weathering the storm is Heinz. Two years after a boardroom battle engulfed the ketchup maker, CEO Bill Johnson has steered the company into calmer waters and has targeted sustained growth in the years ahead. Dean Best reports on how Heinz rediscovered the ingredients for success.

Getting kids to eat their greens 29 May 2008

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Public health agencies believe tackling child obesity involves both discouraging the eating of unhealthy foods, and increasing consumption of healthy foods, in particular fruits and vegetables. Ben Cooper looks at what produce companies in the US are contributing to the battle, and how their activities are viewed by campaigners.

Just the Answer - Wyke Farms 27 May 2008

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Wyke Farms, the independent UK dairy firm, has carved a place among the country's largest cheese makers and is now looking to expand internationally. In this month's Just the Answer, Dean Best spoke to managing director Richard Clothier about how Wyke has grown at home and its ambitions abroad.

France faces up to child obesity 23 May 2008

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France may be seen as one of the world's gastronomic heartlands but it has not been immune to a problem seen in many Western countries - childhood obesity. The French government has recently launched a raft of initiatives in a bid to improve children's diets but is facing calls to bring in more regulation - particularly on advertising. Ben Cooper reports.