Experiential Retail - Thematic Research

Experiential Retail - Thematic Research

Published: February 2020
Publisher: GlobalData
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Experiential retail is a broad topic which can encapsulate an array of strategies, any of which should ultimately entice shoppers into stores and onto online sites. In markets with high online penetration, physical stores are struggling to prove their worth and retailers have experimented with various concepts to attract new customers as well as increasing their existing customers’ engagement.

Key Highlights

• Retailers have the opportunity to facilitate a better shopping experience through customer engagment, which is the connection between the retailer, its brand, its employees and the customer
• The more innovative experiential retail is the more footfall and awareness it will generate, in particular through social media - especially for instore initiatives. Niche attractions can entice consumers into stores, such as Selfridges' indoor skate bowl.
• Based on channel analysis, GlobalData estimates the true value of stores to be 86.7% of total retail sales


• GlobalData breaks down experiential retail into trends, industry analysis, and companies, as well as discussing the themes major topics of customer interaction, demo stores, engagement, frictionless, instore technology, personalisation, services and social media.
• We investigate how the dominant technological, macroeconomical and retail trends are affecting experiential retail, and how they will go on to do so over the course of the next decade.
• The report goes on to profile international retailers with a significant focus on experiential retail, as well as provides analysis on relevant mergers, acquisitions and disruptors in the retail market.

Reasons to Buy

• Break down the complexity of experiential retail into relevant topics for your speicific business, so you can create a more dynamic and effective strategy to keep customers.
• Understand the history of experiential retail and how it continues to develop today, allowing you to grasp a wider view of changes in consumer behaviour and how it will impact your markets.
• Explore how technological trends (such as AI, AR and 5G) are enabling retail to evolve, so you can better position yourself for long-term success.
• Discover how the world-leading retailers, across the US, Eurozone and Asia, are investing in experiential retail, allowing you greater clarity on which techniques are proving successful and where the best investments are for greater customer retention

Price: $1950.00

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