•  2 Sisters launches Fox's Rocky Chockas

2 Sisters Food Group has expanded its Fox's biscuits range in the UK with the launch of Rocky Chockas.

An extension to the Rocky chocolate biscuit range, Rocky Chockas has been rolled out in three variants: Toffee Chocolate (113g), Honeycomb (105g), and Double Chocolate (113g).

The range will be available in Tesco stores initially from this month before being rolled out into all major supermarkets from August.

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Treat fans: prepare for a Rocky experience unlike any other with the launch of new Rocky Chockas from Fox's Biscuits.

For those amongst us that like to tear off life's wrapper and fill their face full of fun and adventure, a new treat awaits. A rugged, chunky, chewy and crispy treat that's chock-full of the lovely stuff. It's called Rocky Chockas and it's going to rock your world.

Rocky Chockas is the brand new biscuit range from one of the UK's most popular biscuit brands,Rocky. Each Rocky Chockas biscuit is fully coated in deliciously thick milk chocolate, is bursting with infectious energy and provides a rollercoaster ride for the mouth with every bite.

The new Rocky Chockas range will be available in three incredible flavours that are set to transform family treat times forever: Rocky Chockas Toffee Chocolate (113g): chewy toffee and chocolate chunks on top of crunchy biscuit coated in thick milk chocolate.

Rocky Chockas Honeycomb (105g): crispy golden honeycomb and biscuit pieces coated in thick milk chocolate.

Rocky Chockas Double Chocolate (113g): chunky double chocolate pieces and biscuit coated in thick milk chocolate.

Rocky Chockas will be available at Tesco stores nationwide this July at a promotional price of just £1,before launching into all major supermarkets from August (standard RRP £1.59).

So, if you want to join the ranks of the Chocka-holics, head down to the biscuit aisle from July and seek out the famous Rocky symbol.

Original source: 2 Sisters Group