Argentina's national food and animal health inspection service has reported a 60% increase in the country's organic goods exports.

80% of the 48,252 tonnes of organic goods exported last year went to countries in the European Union. Organic grains and oilseed exports increased by 56% from the previous year to 23,515 tonnes, and fresh fruit exports increased by 48% to 14,938 tonnes. Other organic goods being exported from Argentina include processed goods, aromatic herbs, wine, sugar and honey. The country exports around 90% of its organic produce, mainly to the EU and the US.

There has also been an increase in the number of organic farmers, from 220 in 1995 to over 1500 in 2001, and in the number of hectares used for growing organic products, which grew from 5000 in 1993 to three million in 2001.

These numbers are still very small when compared to non-organic figures. Organic farmers account for only 0.5% of Argentine farmers. Argentina still exports a large amount of traditionally grown grains and oilseeds, but organic production is on the increase.