Fazer has announced a restructure of its operations

Fazer has announced a restructure of its operations

Fazer Group has announced a restructuring of its operations that will affect the Finnish firm's bakery and confectionery divisions.

The announcement sees 61 jobs placed at risk, the company said.

Fazer said "structural changes" in the Finnish industry had "led to the decline in the amount of industrial jobs needed". It said the share of bread baked in-store had increased and as a result the share of pre-packed bread was falling. In confectionery, consumption was declining and competition was "tough", it added.

"It is important that we develop our products and services with the consumers' and customers' needs in mind. This way, we will improve our competitiveness and secure the profitability," said Christoph Vitzthum, president and CEO of Fazer Group. "We have already done a lot to renew our business and to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this is not enough."

The firm said it was starting "collaboration negotiations" with white-collar employees in its food services, bakery, confectionery and cafe businesses, as well as in group functions.

A spokesperson for Fazer could not expand on the specific impact to jobs within the bakery and confectionery operations. She said the talks would last a minimum of six weeks, adding "only after that we can inform about possible changes".