Kellogg has been cleared over claims it broke guidelines on advertising to children in the UK.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled an online game Kellogg used to market its Krave cereal was not aimed at children.

UK campaigners at Sustain had argued the game, in which a Krave cereal piece was dressed as a super hero, encouraged poor nutritional habits and an unhealthy lifestyle for children.

However, the ASA agreed with Kellogg's argument that, as Internet users could only access the game via their Facebook page, it was not aimed at kids. Facebook, the ASA said, checked a user's age via their profile before allowing them access to the game.

"We noted the CAP Code defined a child as someone under 16 years of age, and considered that because Kellogg's had taken steps to ensure that people under 17 could not access the game, the game was not aimed at children. We therefore concluded the game did not encourage poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle in children," the ASA said.

The ruling comes days after The Children's Food Campaign issued 54 "super complaints" to the ASA over the online marketing campaigns of some manufacturers, including Kellogg.