A conservative US advocacy group appealed to the news media Thursday to be more sceptical of "food scares" engineered by a Washington public relations firm on behalf of "socially responsible" organisations to enrich themselves. It claimed the agency and its "tangled web of non-profit advocacy groups" were responsible over the last dozen years for fear campaigns either proven to have been false or based on dubious science."We ask the media to stop giving Fenton Communications and its nefarious network a free ride," John Carlisle of the National Centre for Public Policy Research told a Washington news conference called to release the report, "Fear Profiteers: Are America's Socially Responsible Businesses Sowing Health Scares to Reap Monetary Rewards?"The allegations were refuted later on Thursday by a Fenton client, the Environmental Working Group, as a "fake report" put forward by "a coalition of lobbyists and hired guns for the tobacco companies as well as the chemical, pesticide, plastics, chlorine and other industries."Carlisle and co-author Steven Milloy said Fenton and its associated Environmental Media Services were responsible for these campaigns designed to appeal to fear and emotion to discredit foods: