Bonno is to step down after decade in role

Bonno is to step down after decade in role

Agromousquetaires, the food and drink manufacturing division of French food-to-retail conglomerate Groupement des Mousquetaires, has announced CEO Christophe Bonno is to leave his post.

Bonno, who took the role in 2010, will step down at the end of 2020. The company, which supplies private-label products predominantly to the French grocer Intermarché France but also to other retailers, has yet to name his replacement.

He joined Groupement des Mousquetaires in 1999, spending 11 years heading up the business' meat division.

Separately, Agromousquetaires said the company's president, Yves Audo, is to move to the role of head of HR of the wider Groupement des Mousquetaires. Jean-Baptiste Saria is to succeed Audo.

Agromousquetaires has more than 60 production sites and around 11,000 employees. It generates more than EUR4bn (US$4.48bn) in annual turnover. It supplies products in categories including dairy, bakery, meat and seafood.

The business was set up in 1969 by entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Le Roch, founder of Intermarché. The group bought its first factory, specialising in the production of frozen burgers, in 1974.