The second, and largest, two week advertising campaign to be launched by Royal Ahold has been designed to create a unified marketing front, while unusually attempting to tailor the predominant advertising approach that values global branding to the Dutch retailer's quite distinct needs.Since 1973, the Dutch retailer has expanded internationally and now controls supermarkets across 23 countries, predominantly in the US, but also in Brazil and the Czech republic. It also operates under more than 25 names globally, and therefore lacks the potential for the true marketing cohesion of other groups such as Wal-Mart or Carrefour, who can present a global brand.Impiric, the direct marketing arm of Young & Rumbicam, believe tis has found the answer in this new campaign. Advertisements will be posted in more than 6000 stores worldwide; to promote a range of goods from the 35 international suppliers, such as Kraft Foods, Coca-cola and Nestlé, and 250 local suppliers who have agreed to participate. "The whole point is that we can buy centrally," explained Gerard van Breen, senior vice president for global sourcing at Ahold. "This allows us tremendous buying leverage and lets us offer a better deal to our consumers."