Ajinomoto, the manufacturer behind the Yum Yum brand of instant noodles, has earmarked Bt250m (US$5.7m) to market its products in Thailand this year. It is hoping to boost sales by 20% this year, said company managing director Phichien Koosmith.

2002 marks the 30th anniversary of Yum Yum's market launch, so the brand will benefit from a series of promotions to help it meet this ambitious growth target. Last year saw the brand achieve 15% growth.

The initiative has been spurred on by increased marketing efforts at Ajinomoto's rivals on the Thai instant noodle market. Saha Pathanapibul Plc already said it would spend Bt300m marketing its Mama brand, while Preserved Food Factory (Thailand) will spend Bt350m to promote Wai Wai. All three competing groups have also announced they will launch new flavours during the coming year.