Saucy Fish Co. and Aldi at war over copycat product

Saucy Fish Co. and Aldi at war over 'copycat' product

Fish supplier Icelandic Seachill has won an interim court injunction in the UK against discounter Aldi over what it alleges is a copycat version of its The Saucy Fish Co. product.

Icelandic Seachill's The Saucy Fish Co. arm claimed Alsi's new fish range, Saucy Salmon, had "infringed" its registered trademark. It raised concerns the packaging and design features of Aldi's products were "confusingly similar" to its brand. The processor said the Aldi line could mislead consumers into believing they are buying The Saucy Fish Co. products - or that the discounter's products are part of an greement with Aldi.

Simon Smith, head of brand for The Saucy Fish Co., said: "Aldi's imitation of The Saucy Fish Co. undermines the trust and confidence consumers have built with us. Our brand represents a promise of consistency, not easily replicable by packaging alone.

"The Saucy Fish Co. isn't the first and won't be the last brand to take action against copycat brands, but we're encouraged by the outcome of the interim injunction and confident we'll secure a positive outcome when this case reaches court. Ghost brands that trade on the halo effect of an established brand simply should not be tolerated and I'm sure other brand owners will be watching this case with interest."

Aldi has now removed the products - which it said was on a trial - from shelves a temporary measure.

In correspondence to just-food, a spokesperson for Aldi said: "This matter refers to a product that was being trialled in our stores and which has since reached the natural end of the trial period. It is important to note that no decision has been made regarding the upholding of the injunction."