Allied Bakeries has converted its Kingsmill Little Big Loaf and Crusts Away lines to recycled packaging.

The packaging will be made from 100% "virgin material", with clean off-cuts from the bread bag making process used to make new bags.

"At Kingsmill we are always looking at ways to keep waste to a minimum," Allied Bakeries category director Guy Shepherd said. "By developing a way to recycle our packaging off-cuts we will save 1.4 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of recycled film made."

As part of the Kingsmill range, Little Big Loaf and Crusts Away have been "developed to minimise waste", Allied Bakeries, part of Associated British Foods, said. A Little Big Loaf is a Kingsmill loaf with less slices aimed at smaller households, while Crusts Away has the crusts cut off and used to make breadcrumbs or animal food.

The carbon footprint of Allied Bakeries fleet of delivery vehicles is also being reduced with the introduction of 'teardrop' trucks, designed to be more aerodynamic than conventional trucks, the baker added.